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Patrick is a Christian with more than 30 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog.

Outlining the Plot

Recently, Turtle left the following comment: Just remember, I'm a newbie, so don't become upset at what I'm about to say. You, Shelly, and Andrea all talk of forward momentum and revising and moving things seems to me that...


Another Draft?

Many people have become concerned about the possibility of the government reinstating the draft. A rash of rumors and E-mails have been spreading, threatening to turn the whispers of concern into the next urban legend. This sudden concern followed reports...

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Saturday 6

Saturday Six – Episode 24

Before we get to the questions, I wanted to welcome a few folks who played for the first time last week: Djzgirl71, Neil (I think it was Neil's first playing!), Lillian, and Aiibrat. And an apology to Rach who I...


Writing Assignment

Andrea gave the members of the "What If..." writing group a new assignment designed to make us think about how well we know our characters. The assignment itself is here. I hate writing assignments. Truly. They drive me crazy, but...


Bargain Books

I can't leave a book store without passing by the bargain books table. Occasionally, I'll find a hardcover book I've been meaning to read that has made it to the end of its shelf life, like James Patterson's 1st to...


What Others’ Eyes See

CBS News has announced that it can no longer vouch for the authenticity of documents that they questioned Bush's National Guard service. The controversy has united both political parties -- briefly, to be sure -- in a singleminded condemnation of...


Man vs. Nature

Every time there is a busy hurricane season, the non-scientists among us  begin to put on their Mr. Wizard caps and suggest ideas to wipe the monster storms off the map before they reach land. The latest plan, according to an...

Multicolored 3D letters

The Rule About ‘Due To’

We each have our own pet peeves when it comes to grammar. One of my biggest goes back to 1986. I was sent to USC to attend a summer journalism workshop that would benefit me as I worked on my...

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Saturday 6

Saturday Six – Episode 23

Here we are with another edition of "The Saturday Six." But before we get to the questions, I wanted to welcome a few folks who played for the first time last week: Dave, Lisa, Shann, Ksquester, Angi, and Childebran1968. And...

Fun & LaughsLife

Hanging Around a While?

I recently subscribed to Time magazine, news that should make AOL's corporate parent happy. Besides the fact that I'm trying to make more time to read, I also figured at least one benefit of subscribing to Time would be that...


On Judging Others

This entry has to do with two recent events. One of them involves a situation that came to light in the journal community on Friday; the other involves an attack against someone who commented to an unrelated entry here. If...


The "C" Word

Andrea made an excellent point in my last piece about rejection, "The 'R' Word." She states, "I don't think I will handle rejection well...I've learned to handle critique well, though. Does that count?!" Indeed it does! Critique deserves its own...

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Saturday 6

Saturday Six – Episode 22

A big word of thanks to those who are still playing the "Saturday Six" despite the fact that the weekly recaps are no more. I'm glad to know you still enjoy the game. But before we get to the questions,...


Remembering 9/11

I distinctly remember where I was on 9/11. On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was awakened by a ringing telephone.


Some Important Words About Recent Events

Those of you who visited this journal earlier today will realize that I have done something that I almost never do: I have removed two entries and the associated comments. I hope those who took the time to leave comments...


The "R" Word

All writers, no matter how experienced, no matter how talented, will eventually face rejection at some point in their career. Hopefully, they'll get all of the rejection letters out of the way on their first novel until that one publisher...

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