Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Blog Post Ideas and Shared Concerns Can Connect You to Readers

Some bloggers feel their blog post ideas are topics no one else has ever tackled, but common points of view can still help you connect with your readers.

Stop worrying about blog post ideas other bloggers have talked about!

A lot of bloggers are of the impression, apparently, that they should only write about topics that no one else has. If write about something others already have, they’re unforgivably late to the party.

I’ve never understood that.

Think about how many websites there are on the internet. It’s almost impossible to write about something that someone else hasn’t already written about. There are only so many ideas, after all.

But no matter how many people have written about a topic, you have your own unique take. You can put your spin on any topic, no matter what it is.

Back in February, I wrote about this notion that some hold about bloggers being required to provide only new perspectives on topics.

Go back to the question of how many websites currently exist. How many do you think you’ve actually visited? What fraction of the total number does that represent?

Even if you, as a blogger, write about a topic someone else has, it’s still possible your readers haven’t seen other people’s take on the same issue.

And, if they have, there’s no guarantee that your case for or against the topic isn’t stronger. Or even different than what they’ve read.

The notion of shared ideas is an appealing one for me.

Recently, a pastor I follow on Facebook named Stan said this:

If I ever say something on [Facebook] that changes someone’s mind, it truly is an incidental effect. My real goal here is to simply provide language for people who are already thinking similar thoughts as I.

One of the topics I’ve written about several times over the years has to do with worship music that’s far too loud. Like Stan, I don’t expect to change the minds of worship leaders who have, so far, been unwilling to turn the volume down.

What I do hope to do — and indeed, what I’ve done — is reassure people that they aren’t alone in this concern. I’ve reinforced for a group of people, some of whom continue to add comments to older posts on the subject, that someone else agrees with them.

They may not blog themselves; if they do, they may not blog on that topic.

But in expressing my concerns, I’ve shown them that others also have the same shared ideas. They’re not alone.

Some have even thanked me for writing on the topic. They said they thought something must be wrong with them because they didn’t know anyone else agreed.

That’s one way that bloggers can really help others who may not take advantage of the opportunity to share their voice on a subject.

Sooner or later, if enough people know others share their beliefs on a subject, real change might happen.

It feels good to think that you can be a part of positive change just by sharing what you think on a subject, even if someone else beat you being first to say it.

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