A Quandry Over Web Fonts: Which Do You Like Better?


If you’ve checked out this blog over the past few days, you may have noticed a few different web fonts on display in the headlines.

I’ll admit it: when it comes to blog design, I can be an extreme perfectionist…and more than a little fickle.

I’ve kept the current blog theme longer (I’m pretty sure) than I’ve kept any other design. This one, overall, does everything I want it to, although a recent upgrade removed one feature I really liked: color-coded categories.

Still, I chose to live with it largely because I haven’t found another theme I like better.

My latest blog obsession involves web fonts.

The font I’m using for headlines and subheadings like the one above is Raleway. (At least, Raleway is the one in use as I write this.) Just to make sure we’re on the “same page,” here’s an official sample of Raleway:


But recently, I’ve explored a few other fonts for headings. I want to find a font that I think gives the blog a bit of personality without overdoing it.

One of the fonts I’ve considered recently (and had on display for a brief time) was Titillium:


I like both, and I also like a more Futura-like font such as Poppins (the Google Fonts equivalent):


All are easy to read. But they don’t lend themselves much to personality.

I certainly would never suggest that personality is more important than readability, and therein lies the difficulty. I have two fonts in mind that I’ve considered. The first is called Cherry Cream Soda, believe it or not, and it’s a whimsical 1950s-ish looking font:


The one I like the most is called Rock Salt and it’s a handwriting-based font. It’s not my handwriting, but it’s fairly close to what my actual handwriting looks like. Here it is:


I like it, and it’s easy for me to read, but since it looks like my handwriting, I’m used to that.

The question is: is it easy to read for you?

Which font do you like best: Raleway, Titillium, Poppins, Cherry Creme Soda or Rock Salt?

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