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Believe me: the last thing I want to do is discourage anyone who wants to comment. I’d like for you to comment as often as you wish, assuming it’s on-topic and relevant. (And even if it isn’t on-topic, I might work it in one way or another.)

But for about a week or so, I’m brining back the little “word verification” option, which requires commenters to enter a series of letters from a twisted graphic that “spambots” cannot “see.”

The last time I did this, spambots seemed to drop this blog off of their radar for a while. They came back, but I had at least a brief respite from them. I’m hoping I can repeat that little feat.

In particular, they’ve been very active for the past month. It’s odd that only certain posts seem to be attracting them, which leads me to believe that somewhere, they’re looking for “most-linked posts” or something like that.

A perfect example came today, when this appeared:

“Hey all,
What are the content rules, if any, for posting erotic poems?”

It was followed by a hyperlink which, of course, I’m not running.

The content rules here are simple: if you leave me a comment that makes sense, is relevant and reasonable, I’ll probably run it. If you leave me a comment that does nothing more than promote a site that has nothing to do with the topic of the post, or if you leave me a comment that is basically a press release promoting a published work that does relate to the topic of the post, I’m not going to run it. I don’t do commercials here unless you pay me, and you couldn’t afford a slot on my rate card; if you could, you wouldn’t be spamming blogs.

The only other rule I have is directed to those spambots: you are hereby required to generate a electromagnetic pulse in your originating PC powerful enough to destroy the computer on which your programming was written and unleashed on the rest of us.

That oughta do it.

In any case, I’ll turn word verification on for a week or so, and I’ll let you know if anything changes when I turn it back off. Keep your fingers crossed, and keep the comments coming!


  1. Hi Patrick… well you are braver then I am.. after having been spammed I just leave the verification letters up! (even though I hate doing them myself it’s a small price to pay)

    It always bothers me that spammers and ads have to ruin good things such as blogs and nice websites. It slowly kills the joy of being on line.

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