Better Time Management for Bloggers Requires a Critical First Step

Finding a way to improve time management for bloggers requires a great deal commitment, but I think it starts with a simple step.

If you Google “time management for bloggers,” you’ll get plenty of posts full of tips and suggestions to help you focus and make the most of every moment.

I’ve found that the beginning of a plan to better manage your time for blogging has to begin with one seemingly simple, but actually complicated step: identifying the distractions.

Sure, it seems simple enough: Just sit down and make a list of things that distracted you today and kept you from getting something done.

No problem, right?

You come up with obvious things that would distract anyone. Fine. You have your list. You’re satisfied you thought of everything.

But what if someone tapped you on the shoulder and held up a DVD that contained hidden camera footage of everything you’ve done that day. Do you start doubting your list? Do you immediately begin wondering what you either accidentally missed or intentionally overlooked?

I have to admit it: that’s how I’d react.

Consider the equally-popular subject of weight loss; what’s the first thing a doctor will tell you to do as you eat over the course of the day? Simple: write it down.

Can’t most of us remember what we had for breakfast this morning? Maybe. But we easily lose sight of how many little snacks add up over the course of a day to put us beyond our calorie limit.

By the same token, if we’re not paying a little more attention to our activities throughout the course of the day, we easily lose sight of how many little diversions put us beyond our time limit.

When you actually keep a food journal, two things happen. First, you begin to see the little things you wouldn’t think of that are sinking your progress. Second, knowing you’re keeping that journal, you actually do a better job of avoiding those diet busters.

Maybe it’s time we consider a time journal. If your time drain is the internet itself, maybe that time journal is a listing of your browser history for the past 24 hours: how many links did you click that had nothing to do with what you were trying to write?

For some of us, we don’t want to know the answer. But we need to know, like it or not.

That’s the first step to taking our time back!

Have you ever kept a “distraction diary” before? Is it something you think you’d try?

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Patrick is a Christian with more than 28 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog.