Bloggers, Please Transcribe Your Videos


More bloggers tend to be using video posts these days. It’s important to transcribe your videos when you post them.

I was having a meal at a restaurant while surfing the web. I came across an interesting headline on a blog and clicked the link.

I was taken to a post where there was a headline, an embedded YouTube video and nothing else. No text, no explanation of what was going to be covered in the video, nothing.

Because I didn’t have earphones, I wasn’t going to listen to the video and run the risk of disturbing other patrons. I know many people don’t seem to mind making noise around others, but it bothers me tremendously.

So I closed the tab and went back to surfing. I went elsewhere without watching that video.

It’s important that anyone who publishes videos as blog posts actually take the time to transcribe that video. Here are several reasons:

5 Reasons to Transcribe a Video

1. Your visitor may be in a public place. In a public place, visitors to your site may be unwilling to watch a video because they don’t want to disturb others or because they can’t hear the video over ambient noise around them.

2. Your visitor may be at work.

If the video isn’t specifically work-related, prudent employees will likely decline the chance to watch a video at work, especially if they’re in a cubicle where co-workers (and potentially their supervisor) may overhear.

3. Your visitor’s computer may have technical problems. Recently, I couldn’t watch any videos on Safari until I upgraded Flash. It’s a process that involves downloading an installer, running it, then making sure to close Safari completely, which may be inconvenient if I’m multi-tasking. Without a transcript, I have to wait for a manual upgrade.

4. Physical handicaps may prevent people from being able to watch or hear a video. Someone who is hearing impaired relies on a transcript. Someone who may have limited site may have their computer set up to enlarge text to a readable level, but without any text, a video may not help them at all.

5. Transcripts help you with search engines. Whatever the topic of your video, if you have a transcript of your subject matter, or even a decent representative summary of it, you have a better chance of showing up in search results on the topic. When there’s no text, there’s very little, other than the headline, that search engines have to work with to help people find that content.

So if you’re planning on posting videos to your site, please do your audience a favor: transcribe your videos to make sure everyone can enjoy what you have to say!

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