Bloglines Gets Second Stay of Execution

The RSS reader site Bloglines won’t be shutting down on November 1st after all, marking the second time it has been given a temporary reprieve.

Over at, Doug posted the following announcement:

“With November 1 right around the corner, we’ve received some feedback from users asking for a little extra time to finish transferring their data from Bloglines to other services. We’re trying to accommodate our loyal users and make this transition as seamless as possible, so we’re going to extend the deadline by two weeks.”

There’s laziness and there’s laziness.&nbsp  It took me all of about fifteen minutes to export my Bloglines subscriptions and then import them into Google Reader.&nbsp  That also includes the time it took to set up and activate the Google Reader account.

Over the summer,, which owns Bloglines, announced that the site would go dark on October 1st.&nbsp  Then news came that November 1st would be the new end date.&nbsp  Now, it’ll be November 15th.

Maybe if people keep flooding with pleas to give them “a little more time,” then maybe the site will never shut down.

Of course, I won’t be using them: I’m happy with Google Reader, which, I suspect, won’t abandon its longtime users in a similar fashion.

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