Check Out My 15 Most-Read 2023 Blog Posts


In case you missed them — and you probably missed at least some — I compiled a list of the most-read 2023 blog posts here at Patrick’s Place.

Normally, when I do a most-read post, I just go to my Google Analytics and look up the posts that got the most views over the previous 12 months. But that can include posts written years earlier. So this year, I narrowed the range. I specified that I wanted to find which posts I actually published last year to find the most-read 2023 blog posts.

If you’d like to see the most-viewed posts overall for the past year, I’ll include them at the end of this post.

15. ‘Without Further…’ — Is it Adieu or Ado?

The phrase that we hear more often than we see means “without further delay.” But which word do we use? Here’s how to know the right one.

14. Add a Plus: LGBTQ Should Be LGBTQ+, AP Style Says

There is a surprising number of letters to encompass the entire spectrum in the LGBTQ community. But the Associated Press, in its style guide, The Associated Press Stylebook, says it’s appropriate to add a plus sign after the Q. That plus covers all of that ground. If you’re curious, I listed those other situations in the post.

13. New WordPress Update Makes Adding Hyperlinks Tougher

A not-so-funny thing happened to WordPress after its most recent major update. Suddenly, adding hyperlinks became a multi-step hassle when they had previously been easy to add and customize in a single step.

12. My First Week on Meta’s New Threads Platform

In the wave of social media platforms that are trying to become a new favorite, I really like Threads. But like many of these other new platforms, there are too many problems that seem to be taking far too long to fix. I’d like to see Threads survive. I’m pretty sure it will. But its users won’t be patient forever.

11. ‘Price is Right’ to Move Out of Historic Television City

“From Television City in Hollywood…” with those words, many hit shows from my childhood, including The Price is Right, began. But CBS sold the iconic studio several years back. Part of the sale stipulated that the network’s programs being produced at the legendary facility would have five years to relocate.

‘Price’ was one of the last network shows to move out. For that show in particular, which involves the audience in a way most shows never do, we saw so much of the studio itself that it was an unofficial star of the show on its own.

10. ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ and the MIssing Laugh Track

A not-so-funny thing happened in the middle of the third season of The Andy Griffith Show: the program’s laugh track inexplicability disappeared for a few episodes. In fact, it goes silent in the middle of one of them.

Some people hate laugh tracks. But when you edit a program to give space for the laugh track that’s supposed to be there and it suddenly goes missing, you’re stuck with unnatural gaps of silence that affect the show’s timing.

9. Do Our Pets Go to Heaven? Can We Really Know?

This post began with a popular story involving Pope Francis that turned out to be inaccurate. But every pet owner wants to know that they’ll see all of their four-legged friends in the afterlife. I certainly do.

Here’s my take on whether we’ll see our pets in Heaven and why I think the answer would just have to be yes.

8. My 10 Favorite Movies Made Since I Was Born

A few years ago, I made a list of favorite films that were made before I made my big debut. I finally got around to creating a list of my favorite movies from my lifetime!

7. Should ‘Barbershop’ Be One Word or Two?

This one surprised me a bit in ranking so high that it made my most-read 2023 blog posts list. But I guess there are a lot of people who wonder about the answer to that question.

6. AP Style Addresses New Term for Child Porn

Until the Associated Press Stylebook issued an update on terminology related to child pornography, I resisted the new name some law enforcement agencies used. Frankly, I thought the new term and the logic behind it, was ridiculous.

I still do.

But it’s now the rule, so if I’m going to refer to it as such, I used to use the new name.

5. 2 Anti-Smoking Commercials Starring Actors Dying of Lung Cancer

When one of these commercials hit the airwaves, the actor in them was still alive but fighting for his life. The second include clips of an interview in which that actor expressed his wish to send an anti-smoking message. It aired after he died from lung cancer.

One might hope that these commercials would have stopped more people from picking up the habit.

4. Is it Fair to Count WordPress as a Free Blogging Platform?

Yes, in a sense, WordPress is a free blogging platform. But that’s assuming that you are content with hosting the site on their system and not getting a custom URL. If you want the URL — and you should — or if you want to do even some basic customization, even on the version you don’t have to host yourself, you should expect to pay a modest fee.

If you want to host it yourself and have total control, well, that could get a little pricey depending on how much of a control freak you actually are!

3. 7 Home Page Elements I Recommend for Your Blog

No two homepages are exactly the same, of course. But the blogging gurus out there recommend plenty of things that should go on every home page. For this post, I came up with seven that I think should be universal.

2. ‘Performance Punishment’? Here’s More Anti-Manager Foolishness

The social media platform LinkedIn has become a hotspot for manager-bashing posts lately. I wouldn’t presume to say that there aren’t bad managers out there. But there aren’t nearly as many as some might have you believe. I also think there are plenty of workers who cause their own problems.

This post tackled a common thread in this type of posts. In this case, “performance punishment” gets defined as the moment when being good at your job attracts more work. 

1. The Right Way to Respond to a ‘Would You Mind’ Question

The grammar category of this blog generally contains some of the most-read posts. But this one looks to be the single most-read 2023 post on this site. Apparently, a lot of people get confused about how to answer questions that begin, “Would you mind.”

Spoiler alert: The right answer to such a question is the opposite answer you might expect.

That wraps up the list of my most-read 2023 blog posts. In case you were wondering which posts on my blog received the most views — regardless of the year I wrote them — I give you this list:

1. Quotes or Italics? Citing Titles of Books, Movies & TV Shows

2. Why Some Banks Ask for ID for a Cash Deposit

3. Shut Down or Shutdown? Should It Be One Word or Two?

4. How Many Streaming Services Does One Household Need?

5. How Do You Pronounce Pecan?

6. 20 Common Security Questions You Shouldn’t Answer on Social Media

7. ‘And I’s?’ The Challenge of Compound Possessives

8. Marshal or Marshall? Do You Really Need the Second L?

9. Arctic vs Artic: A Big Difference Between the Two

10. The Story Behind the Phrase, ‘There’s Something Rotten in Denmark’

11. TV Show Disclaimers Leave Some Viewers Fuming

12. Donder or Donner? Did Santa Change the Name of a Reindeer?

13. Paregoric: One of the Best Medicines You Won’t Find Anymore

14. The Right Way to Respond to a ‘Would You Mind’ Question

15. Common Sense or Commonsense? One Word or Two?

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