Could You Find 14 Ways to Use AI on Your Blog?

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A recent article I found on artificial intelligence suggests there are 14 ways bloggers can use AI. Would any of them work for you?

Artificial intelligence products like ChatGPT are raising eyebrows and hopes for what they can do to help us mortal humans. One might argue that the fact that you can use AI on your blog doesn’t automatically mean that you should. In fact, I’ve already given you my take on the use of such a bot to compose blog posts.

But when it comes to AI, it’s not all about just writing the entire post. Some bloggers might find other ways to incorporate AI into their workflow without having it compose an entire post.

Consider this: WPBeginner recently posted an article titled “14 Best Ways to Use OpenAI on Your WordPress Website.” Offhand, could you think of more than a dozen ways to do so?

I couldn’t.

But while I think that allowing an AI bot to compose a post from scratch is cheating — and certainly violates a blogger’s responsibility to “be authentic,” some of the options on the list don’t seem so egregious.

I went through the list of 14. In some cases, they wouldn’t really apply to me. I don’t offer “lessons,” so options about composing those aren’t applicable. I don’t sell a product, so creating product descriptions wouldn’t apply either. And I have no need for a chatbot for my “customers.” If you have something to ask, you can use the contact form, right?

So after going through the 14 options, I found two — yes, just two — I would consider using.

1. Generate titles/meta descriptions for SEO

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” Essentially, it means the steps we bloggers take to make sure that when someone searches for something we write about, search results from our site rank toward the first page of listings.

Bloggers can use AI to help them craft a better post title and a better corresponding meta description to sharpen the SEO-worthiness of a post. The article mentions that the All In One SEO plugin offers such an option. I use Yoast, so I wouldn’t be willing to switch; If Yoast offered that kind of option, I’d certainly consider using that.

2. Create Blog Post Summaries for Social Media

For many bloggers, social media remains a necessary evil. If I had a way to quickly provide a summary for various social platforms that might get more click-throughs (we call them referrals), that might be a valid option.

Although I wouldn’t necessarily call creating such summaries much of a hardship. I’m lucky in that I have a marketing background, so I can generally come up with something fairly easily.

Sure it might be nice to have a “second opinion,” but not having one isn’t a problem, either.

I wouldn’t consider using AI on this blog to come up with blog post ideas. I have a list of unwritten posts that I need to flesh out. (I expect I will flesh them out one day, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.) Coming up with ideas is part of the creative process I enjoy. I don’t need a machine to help me with that anymore than I’d welcome one writing my posts for me.

The way I look at it, it’d hardly be “Patrick’s Place” if I let artificial intelligence do all the work.

Would you use AI on your blog? How much would you allow it to help you with your site?

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