Food and Travel Bloggers Complain About COVID-19’s Impact


The coronavirus pandemic is affecting food and travel bloggers along with the rest of the world. But bloggers should have an easier time adapting.

Food bloggers and travel bloggers are feeling the effects of the pandemic. I read an article on LAD Bible about how COVID-19 is hitting some bloggers hard.

The pandemic is hitting virtually everyone hard, of course. So I’m not trying to display sympathy only for these particular business people.

Every day, I hear from someone who is either about to be laid off or already has been. Every day, people say they’re about to be evicted because they can’t pay their rent. (Our state has temporarily banned evictions, as far as I know, so I’m not sure why evictions would still occur.)

My home base of Charleston is known for tourism. Ours is a hospitality town. And I’m sure you know that the hospitality industry continues to reel from shutdowns and stay at home orders. They’ve lost their paychecks and there’s no way to tell when — or if — those checks will return.

It’s a horrible new reality many people in nearly every industry now faces.

But shouldn’t bloggers be able to adapt a little easier?

The article quoted a food blogger who said a required shutdown of restaurants would prove a difficult challenge for her blog.

“…I am primarily restaurant-focused, unlike other bloggers who may create content at home,” she said.

Perhaps now is the time — even temporarily — to begin creating content from home. Maybe cooking is not her strong suit. In that case, maybe she could look at what popular restaurants are doing with takeout options? There must surely be special deals out there. Maybe she could talk to a chef or two to determine if special steps are taken to make sure takeout food has the same quality as in-house meals.

A travel blogger complains they had trips planned that now won’t happen and photos from past trips that they aren’t posting because they don’t want to promote travel. That’s admirable, of course.

But how about reaching out to travel experts to talk about what the hospitality industry will likely have to do to get business moving again?

Or, perhaps a few listicles about their all-time favorite destinations they’ll look forward to visiting once the pandemic has subsided?

This is an example of the blogging rule about having as narrow a niche as possible. Sometimes, when life happens, we all have to adjust. That includes bloggers.

And unlike stores that can’t just start carrying an entirely different category of products on a whim, bloggers have only to write different content to keep their blogs going.

This pandemic forced almost everyone to make some kind of change in their lives. Some of us have been luckier than others, to be sure.

Sometimes, you have to get really creative to keep your blog going.

It’s not that I don’t have sympathy. Times like this require adjustments. None of us has ever gone through a time like this, after all.

But even bloggers who rely on their sites as their sole income need to get creative.

No, “business as usual” isn’t a valid option. But that doesn’t mean you have to go out of business.

Patrick is a Christian with more than 29 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog.