From ‘NoWri’ to ‘BloPo’

Every November, writers and authors alike take part in what I still consider a marginal idea:  National Novel Writing Month, a phenomenon in which you not only commit to write every day without fail, but you also commit to end the month with 50,000 words on paper (or computer screen).  National Novel Writing Month is abbreviated NaNoWriMo, which takes almost as long as it would to just spell it out because you have to remember where each portion of each word actually ends.

Heather at the blog recently wrote about the blogging equivalent:  National Blog Posting Month, abbreviated…here goes…NaBloPoMo.

The idea is to write a new post every day of the month.  July, I suppose, was the month that this was intended to begin, but you could really do it any month you chose.  If you chose.

I generally try to post something every day anyway, unless I feel like I really have nothing at all even remotely entertaining to say.  At least with two memes a week, I’m forced out of slacker mode at least two days of the seven.

Would you consider trying NaBloPoMo?


  1. I blog daily, and sometimes multiple times daily. If by chance I miss a day, I have a sister-in-law in St. Louis who calls me and asks, “Is everything all right?”

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