Google Loses Ownership of Blogspot.In; Bloggers Experiencing Issues


Oops! News came late last week that Google lost the ownership of the domain in India, causing broken links and access problems.

A strange problem began late last week in India for bloggers who use Google’s domain. It turns out Google actually lost ownership of the domain.

So bloggers who use the Blogger platform and have relied on the Indian version of the Blogspot domain reported issues accessing their blogs. They also report many, many broken links since the domain no longer works properly.

The issue, NewsBytes says, affects some 4 million blogs.


If you ever feel overwhelmed by blogging and you worry over making big mistakes, you might want to keep this one in mind. Even Google can lose a domain!

The obvious question I’m sure we all have is this: How could it happen?

9to5Google reported the company “apparently let the domain lapse in early June.”

Lesson: If you own your own domain, take advantage of your registrar’s auto-renew feature. That way, when your term is coming to an end, it will automatically renew. Not doing so can cause a boatload of headaches. Just ask those poor Blogger users in India.

Google does still have control of the domain, so all of the .in versions are visible if you change .in to .com. Unfortunately, though, there’s no redirection option. So if you’re on one of those blogs and you click a link, you’re probably going to get an error. When you change the suffix of the URL, you’ll get the page. But broken links mean a horrible user experience and it could negatively impact SEO.

So what happens next?

Well, 9to5Google’s story says after the domain lapsed, another company bought it. And for anyone with $5,999 to spend, it’s available for purchase.

I’m guessing Google can afford that much.

It’s a costly mistake, but given Google’s income, it’s probably just a drop in the bucket.

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