Am I the Only One Who’s Tired of Guest Post Spam?

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in my email box lately: guest post spam. Requests from people wanting to write posts that have zero to do with my blog.

If my inbox is any indication, guest spam blog is on the rise, and bloggers should beware.

The emails seem innocent enough: they come from people who claim to have read your blog and really like what they see. They then offer to write a guest post for your site.

Depending on whether you welcome such solicitations, that in itself may or may not be a problem.

But then you keep reading and you realize something’s very wrong here.

I received a guest post spam email a few months ago from someone who was very eager to write a post for this site. The person introduced herself as “a pioneer in online wholesale business.” In fact, she claimed to have “over 50 years experience in wholesale business.”

That was the first red flag.

She said she was “impressed by most of the posts/content” and added a little emoji, perhaps to soften the blow of such a statement. Fortunately, she didn’t elaborate which ones she was not impressed by.

She then offered suggestions of five blogging topics she was ready to write for this site. Here was the writer’s actual list:

  1. Become a Successful Wholesale Supplier in 30 Days
  2. Want to be Amazing Wholesale Supplier? Here’s How
  3. How Much Can You Really Save by Shopping in Bulk?
  4. Opening a Restaurant? Read These Time (and Money) Saving Tips
  5. How to Coordinate Wholesale Shipping With International Partners

Maybe, at some point during the 13+ years I’ve been writing this blog, I experienced some period of coma during which I was inexplicably unaware of what was being published here despite the fact that I was the one publishing it.

Maybe some form of senility is kicking in and I’ve completely lost track of the topics I cover.

But I’m pretty sure that at no point in more than 5,000 posts have I ever ventured into the area of creating and maintaining businesses that have absolutely anything whatsoever to do with wholesale buying, selling or shipping.

I suppose it’s quite possible that the posts that didn’t talk about such things would fit into the category of posts by which she wasn’t impressed. But if that were the case, she wouldn’t have been impressed with a single one of them.

The email had all the trappings of a form letter that this person has probably sent to dozens, if not hundreds, if not thousands of website owners.

Another recent email came from someone who said they likewise enjoyed my posts, adding that he writes on topics “very similar to those covered” here, though he didn’t make mention of any website where I might look at these alleged writing samples firsthand; if I were willing to consider a guest post, a writing sample would surely be a common-sense expectation.

Despite the lack of a link, he did tell me he already had in mind a few ideas for possible guest posts.

Then there was a third person who sent an email asking about doing a guest post in exchange for my providing a blurb in an article she was writing. Two of her three suggestions were “10 Tips On Creating More Agile Teams” and “How Not To Kill Your Online Business.”

Again, who “researches” the topics covered here and then comes up with those titles as potential “good fits” for this blog?

I suspect the issue is that there are a handful of companies out there that bloggers can sign up with and then receive suggestions of sites they can then solicit for guest posting.

If I find out that such services exist, you can bet I’ll be opting out: if they can’t do a better job of matching a guest post writer to a blog than that, those solicitations will always receive a big “thanks, but no thanks” from me.

Are you receiving strange guest post spam for your blog? Do you respond at all?

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Patrick is a Christian with more than 27 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog.