Here’s a Blogging Podcast You Might Want to Check Out!


It’s not very often that I promote a blogging podcast…but when you’re asked to be a guest, well, that’s a very different story!

I’m something of a podcast junkie even though I don’t have a great deal of time to listen to them. (My commute, after all, is only about five minutes.)

Lately, I’ve looked around for podcasts on the subject of blogging, and I recently was introduced to Scott Winterroth’s podcast, called “The Blog You Want in the Time You Have.”

According to his website, Scott sets out to bring “actionable strategies for elevating your blog to the next level” or to help people get going with their blogs to begin with. He also likes to interview folks he refers to as “content rockstars” who can talk about their blogging strategies.

I always like to hear how other bloggers write and maintain their sites. You never know where you’ll find some little tip or trick someone else relies on that can really make a difference in your own blogging.

The person who introduced me to Scott’s podcast — and who simultaneously introduced Scott to my blog — is Helen Rittersporn, whose blog is Helen was a guest on a recent episode and very kindly mentioned my name as a potential future interview.

So Scott and I had a telephone chat and got to know each other a bit and had a conversation about blogging. From that, he figured out some specific topics he’d like to discuss “on the air,” and last week we talked a second time and he asked me questions about my opinions on blogging and how I’ve managed to do it for more than 14 years now.

And yesterday, the 15th episode of his podcast hit the internet, with yours truly as his guest!

Scott made the entire process seem very easy, although I’ve worked in television long enough and been involved in media production long enough to know that it’s not easy at all! I’ll share with you one funny behind-the-scenes moment that left me in a mild panic for a few seconds. He asked me during the recording about a specific post I’d discussed with him during our earlier conversation. But at the time, I’d just recently dealt with a troll who’d targeted a different post, and my brain was still pointed to that post. So when Scott asked his question about a post I’d discussed that I felt did much better than I expected, I was thinking, “When did we talk about that?”

Midway through the question, when he mentioned the subject of faith, then I remembered the post we’d actually talked about, and I hope I recovered well enough. (I think I did, but I thought you might be entertained by my little short-lived terror in the middle of the interview.

If you’d care to listen to my visit to “The Blog You Want in the Time You Have,” click this link. You’ll also find links to subscribe to Scott’s blog, which I highly recommend.

And I offer a sincere thanks to Scott and to Helen for helping connect us!

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