How About More Random Acts of Kindness in ‘13?


Whatever happened to random acts of kindness? And when they do occur, why is it that they’re only really encouraged around the holidays?

Don’t people deserve to be treated kindly all year round?

After reading my post about a surprise gesture made to me at a local restaurant, and a similar gesture at a toll booth to someone else in another town, one of my readers, Cathryn, started thinking about that.

She has decided she wants to do at least one act of kindness every day in 2013, and a more substantial act of kindness at least once a week!

What a nice idea!

She’s looking for suggestions about acts she could perform.

So please drop by her blog and make some suggestions.

You might even be inspired to join her efforts in the new year. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone started doing more kind things for one another?

That’d be a new year worth looking forward to!

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