How I Use Quotes from Other Sites on My Blog


When I use quotes from other blogs or from news reports on my blog, I try to be sure to properly credit the original source. It’s called blogging etiquette.

From time to time, I use quotes from other blogging sites as well as news reports and research. There’s something I always make sure I do upfront: I provide a link back to the original. I do that so that you have the chance to go to the source material and read it all, in context, for yourself.

Back in February, when this blog celebrated 15 years, I mentioned that blogging etiquette was one thing that matters in blogging.

That last sentence gives you a perfect example of how I link back to source material. In this case, of course, the source is another post here on this site. But even so, I follow the same style for quoting other sources.

I usually don’t ask for permission to link in this way. And because I generally don’t excerpt more than a sentence or two, I don’t feel the need to ask for permission because I always provide the link back. (If I needed to excerpt more than that, I would definitely ask for permission to do so in that case.)

Darren Rowse recently published a post on ProBlogger about how to legally and ethically use quotes on your blog. He makes some important points about the reasons you should consider using quotes. The first reason on his list is that it can lend credibility to your blog:

You’re showing you’re not the only person who thinks in a particular way about your topic.

He gives three other valid reasons that are worth checking out. He also provides valuable information on how much quoting is too much and what to do if you feel the need to modify someone else’s words.

See what I did there?

This time around, I explained the post I was linking to. But rather than just pull a few lines from it and repost here, I explained a few features of Rowse’s post to suggest to you why you might want to click the link and see what he had to say.

I spent about 20 years in broadcast marketing before moving back to a newsroom. But part of my job still involves marketing on social media. My time in marketing has served me well when it comes to knowing how to promote websites.

My goal in using quotes is to certainly lend credibility to what I write here. But it’s just as important to give a “thank you” to those publishers who inspire posts at this blog. By using a quote and linking back, you’re potentially inviting your readers to someone else’s blog. Even if they never return, you’ve still provided page views for that blog.

And if they do come back, you may well have referred them to another site that they find valuable.

I win as a blogger because I’ve found inspiration for a post.

The other blogger wins because I’m promoting his site.

My reader wins because they’re finding useful information they may not have seen otherwise.

Everyone wins.

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