I Posted My Guest Post Policy. Again.


I receive multiple inquiries each week about my guest post policy. So I wanted to create a page and list that policy clearly.

It might surprise you to know that I receive several queries each week about the guest post policy here at Patrick’s Place.

It used to surprise me every time. This silly little blog, after all, is not a top 1,000 blog on any list you could come up with. The ad revenue that this blog generates does not even pay for hosting.

No one’s going to run a guest post on this site and get worldwide attention.

Guest post queries almost always have one thing in common.

I’d say at least 90% of the queries I receive about guest posting here have the same line at the bottom of the email. It states that the message was sent through my contact form. The message even includes a link to my website, as if I don’t remember how to find it.

I suppose that would clear up the question of, “How did they get my contact information?”

It might just do that for some.

But my contact page is a little different. Years ago — seriously, it was years ago — I put some “gentle reminders” on my contact page. Maybe gentle isn’t the right word.

Subtle wouldn’t be right, either.

The fact is, I spelled out a few warnings one must scroll by before they reach the actual contact form.

I set them in large type.

I figured that would get people’s attention.

Either the people who email me about guest posts are all bots — and I doubt they are — or they hope I’ll think that if they ignore all that, they must have something really special for me to post.

So I created a page that clearly states my site’s Guest Post Policy.

I hope this makes my thoughts on the issue even more clear. It won’t, of course. But I at least have a quick link to use in response to the queries.

Have you ever posted a guest post policy on your website? Are you noticing more such spam these days?

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