Is it Time to Bring Video to Your Blog?


Sunday night’s #blogchat was all about video blogging, also known as “vlogging.” A vlog is essentially a post you’d do on your blog that’s done with video rather than just text.

Done well, a video can definitely help a blogger connect with his audience. With a little creativity and some amusing subject matter, a video can be very entertaining.

But there are a lot of pitfalls: the fact that HD camcorders have dropped so much in price means that almost anyone can get their hands on one, whether they have any talent or not. Relatively low-cost computer editing software means that many of those camcorder owners can then produce their own “finished” videos.

Those of us who have worked in television for any length of time can spot an amateur video from a mile away, even if it’s shot well and is in high definition. Some of the automatic red flags include lots of wipes or really bad audio.

#Blogchat participants talked a lot about the audio issue. For many, they’re willing to tolerate bad video so long as the audio is good. I’m not exactly the opposite, but there’s a level for video or audio that is a deal-breaker for me. Not that I’m trying to be some production snob just because I’ve worked in TV for 20 years, but there are just some levels of sub par video or audio that I just can’t make myself tolerate.

The biggest issue I think about, though, as I read through the posts from people who are getting keyed up about the “need” to add video posts to their blogs is this: do we really have something worth talking about? Is there really something so compelling that we can offer that we just have to do it in video rather than the written word?

Almost anyone can think of one or two things you might have fun making a video post about.

But once you start, you need to keep going, right? Even if it’s a once-a-week venture, or even less often than that, if you open that can of worms, shouldn’t you have a plan in place to keep going?

Your Turn: Do you have any interest in video blog posts? Would you want to see the blogger once in a while rather than just read what’s on the screen? Have you ever produced a vlog? Have you been toying with the idea? Let me a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. Patrick –
    I am impressed with your follow through in getting this “out here” first thing! Wow! My general sense upon exiting #blogchat is a feeling of near overwhelm with all that I have to learn.
    And then, there is life (which is calling me away from twitter at this very moment) – I have the feeling I will learn quite a bit about vlogging from you.

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