Jetpack Spellcheck, Grammar Tools to Be Retired


If you rely on the Jetpack spellcheck and grammar tools powered by After the Deadline, the latest update will mean you’ll have to find an alternative.

If your WordPress site relies on the Jetpack spellcheck and grammar tools, those options are being retired.

WPTavern reported on Friday that the modules that rely on After the Deadline to check for spelling and possible grammatical errors was retired in the latest update, Jetpack 7.3.

I’m always sorry to see a tool that helps bloggers avoid spelling and grammar issues go.

In this case, however, the reasoning makes a little sense.

One of the volunteer developers told WPTavern that besides built-in browser options, extensions like Grammarly are taking care of the problems.

I’ve used Grammarly for a while now. While there’s a premium option, I still rely on the free version. It catches most of the spelling errors you might see on this blog. It also catches a variety of punctuation and grammar errors, although I wish it’d leave me alone about the Oxford comma.

However, I can’t resist the temptation to point out this one detail! In the changelog, there was this bullet point:

Grammar and Spelling: Remove from Jetpack. We’ve chekced the spelling alot over the years, but now time to retire.

Perhaps they turned off the module a bit too soon: they missed the misspelling of checked and there’s no such word as “alot.” They meant, of course, a lot.

I bet Grammarly would have successfully caught both errors.


  1. I love the irony! I can still remember getting an assignment back from my 9th grade English teacher, wherein I had used “alot.” She had marked it with a big red circle. I really thought that there was such a word, though, and went straight to the library to get evidence to prove to her I was right. After all, it seemed everybody said “there are alot of…,” and, if it were the singular “a lot,” we all would be saying “”there is a lot of….” Of course, I found no proof in the library, but I did decide that “alot” should be a new word, since it seemed to be used as a synonym for “many.” I started using “lots” instead, though, so that I could put “are” in front of it. In this way, I am grammatically correct, without the possibility of sounding pretentious.

    The rules have been changing on the treatment of collective nouns, and whether they are singular or plural. “A lot” is, of course, singular (even though I notice that most people make it plural). It still goes against the grain for me when I hear something like “The government are…,” however. Maybe you could do a post on collective nouns? I would enjoy reading it!

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