Wednesday, February 20, 2019

This Marks 2,000 Consecutive Daily Blog Posts

I’ve reached a milestone I didn’t think I ever would (or even could) reach: I’ve been doing daily blog posts now for 2,000 days in a row.

It was Saturday, January 5, 2013. I didn’t do anything particularly special that day; I just published a blog post.

The next day, I published another post.

And this little practice turned from an irregular posting schedule — I always tried to post as often as I could but did skip days from time to time — into something far more regular.

Five years, five months and 23 days later, here we are with the 2,000th consecutive daily post.

If you’d told me on that Saturday nearly five-and-a-half years ago that this would be the start of posting something every single day, I would surely have laughed in your face.

It wasn’t my intention. It just happened.

What has made it easier — actually, what has made it possible — is the combination of topic buckets and theme days.

Topic Buckets

I first heard of the idea of topic buckets from Mack Collier, founder of the weekly Twitter #Blogchat. Basically, the concept is that you come up with the topics you want to blog about, then start writing. As you get posts completed, you place them in virtual “buckets.” 

Let’s say you’re doing a food blog: you might want to write posts that are devoted to regular topics such as, for instance, recipes, restaurant reviews, and kitchen tips. Now let’s say you write four recipe posts. That’s fine: you just stock up on those, then you’re free to focus on some of your other topics knowing that you have a surplus of recipe posts already in the can (or the “bucket”).

It’s about taking at least a little deadline pressure off.

Theme Days

Theme days are a perfect complement to topic buckets. Continuing with our food blog example, let’s say you set certain days to be devoted to certain topics in your niche. Recipes are Mondays, restaurant reviews are Wednesdays (to give people time to read up and make decisions about where they’ll dine Friday or Saturday nights), and kitchen tips are Fridays.

With those four recipe posts, you have a month’s worth of Mondays already completed. (And who loves Mondays, right?)

You can then focus the other days of the week.

When you’re dealing with Blogger’s Block, I’ve found that any reduction of deadline pressure can have a big impact. If I’m running into trouble with the next grammar post, then I may try to write an extra blogging post.

I’m still writing, I’m still keeping the creative juices flowing. And in the background, as I’m focused on the post I’m writing, the next post I need to complete starts formulating, sometimes even before I’m aware of it. And if you can stay at least a few posts ahead of the game — I try to stay at least two posts ahead at all times — you have more time to focus on your next posts.

The more time you spend writing a post, the better it tends to be.

So thank you for joining me on this daily posting journey. Here’s to the next 2,000!

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  1. A huge congratulations to you! Many more blog bits to you!

    I have to say that your favourite regular posts for me were the Saturday Six. Those made me really consider my answers carefully to be as forthright as possible. If ever you bring something back, I hope it will be that!

    With the exception of Monday’s topic, I do enjoy everything you write. Monday’s topic isn’t really for me – I like my blogging style, even if I can’t seem to get the App “BlogTouch Pro” (for both Blogger and WordPress) or WordPress itself are to truly help me to get my new but revised website started… In this, I will be your student, if you have any tiny shred of time you can spare. I really want to return to blogging.

    But this day is all yours! Keep on bloggin’!

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