My Blog’s 20 Best Posts of 2019


When you write as many posts per year as I do, going back to choose the ‘best posts of 2019’ can be quite a challenge. But here are my picks of the year.

Longtime readers know this is a multi-topic blog. So besides the sheer number of possibilities for my best posts of 2019, I also try to make sure there’s at least something to represent each major category.

There are a few posts that I hope you saw the first time around. If you haven’t dropped by in a while, you may have spotted a new logo. I wrote about that here.

Last February, I celebrated the 15th anniversary of this blog. I did so with a 5-part series on things that I think matter in blogging. You can read part 1 here, and each part ends with links to the next.

Aside from those, here’s my list of best posts of 2019, in no particular order.

1. ‘Homonyms, Homophones & Homographs: How they Differ’

Since grammar is the number one topic I write about (based on page views), I figured I’d start with a grammar post. This one focuses on a grammar topic I often write about involving commonly-confused words.

2. ‘Watching Church Online: The Next Best Thing to Being There?’

Is attending church online by watching a live stream broadcast really as good as attending the church service in person? Traditionalists are quick to say no. But for some, that might be the best solution.

3. ‘College Newspaper Apology Draws Staggering Criticism’

When a college newspaper offered a sincere apology for its coverage of a story, it may have appeased some angry students. But it drew huge amounts of criticism from the journalism community, who accused staffers of apologizing for actually having committed real journalism.

4. ‘Do Blog Comments Change What Bloggers Write?’

Blogger Seth Godin and his blog comments policy prompted this post. One of the reasons Godin says he doesn’t allow comments is that comments would change the way he writes. I found that explanation a bit surprising and I explain why.

5. ‘20 Common Security Questions You Shouldn’t Answer on Social Media’

With the rise of memes that ask almost any question you can imagine, you must be careful. There are some pieces of information you want to guard just to be safe. I wrote up this after being asked once too often questions whose answers aren’t necessarily safe to share!

6. ‘Is Using ‘Sic’ in Quotes No Longer Acceptable?’

There was a time when the Latin abbreviation sic was important when quoting someone. Now, however, it seems that it is slowly falling out of favor. I understand the reasoning behind the attitude change, even if I don’t completely agree with it.

7. ‘Survey: Half of Americans Don’t Want ‘Arabic Numerals’ Taught in School’

This is one of those goofy stories that spread like wildfire early this year. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. If your first assumption from the headline is that those foreign numbers have no place in an American classroom, please read the post…and be prepared to eat some crow.

8. ‘Are We Getting Too Comfortable With Public Profanity?’

An overheard conversation at a restaurant prompted this post. Maybe you’ll call me a prude, but I think too often, profanity is becoming an unnecessary norm in day-to-day communications.

9. ‘Is the Cancer Patient ‘Survivors Bell’ Insensitive?’

Controversy arose about that famous bell hospitals have to signify the completion of cancer treatment. It’s a big moment for patients and their families. But some say it has a very different meaning for other cancer patients.

10. ‘Blogchat, the Weekly Twitter Chat, Ends After 10 Years’

Though I certainly understood Mack Collier’s reasons for bringing the weekly Blogchat Twitter event to an end, I still hated to see it go. (I still miss it, for that matter.) But the occasion allowed me to have a blog chat of my own with the man himself.

11. ‘Why I’m Changing My Blog Posting Schedule’

Since January 5, 2013, I had been posting to this blog daily. In July, I made the decision to cut back to weekdays only. It’s a decision I struggled with a good deal before pulling the trigger. But looking back now, I think it was the best decision I could have made.

12. ‘11 Nonstandard Words That Are Said Too Often’

“Asterick.” “Conversate.” “Expecially.” There are too many “commonly-used” words that aren’t used correctly at all. If those examples grate on your nerves, you’d probably enjoy this post.

13. ‘Ever Heard of ‘Deadnaming’? It’s Not What Some Seem to Think’

The concept of deadnaming involves misidentifying a transgender person with their birth name or birth gender with which they no longer identify. But the reason it happens does not always require some conspiracy.

14. ‘How I Use Quotes from Other Sites on My Blog’

Are there actual rules on using quotes from other sites? Well, for bloggers, it really depends on how much you want to quote and your site’s own policy. But here’s how I do it, and the priority is always giving proper credit to the source!

15. ‘The 10 Best TV Series Finales I Ever Saw’

The much-covered finale of Game of Thrones, a show I never watched, prompted this look back at finales. Obviously, ‘GoH’ didn’t make my list, but plenty of other shows you’ve surely heard of did. This particular entry in my best posts of 2019 list has plenty of video examples as well.

16. ‘Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Presidential Candidates? Absolutely!’

If the 2016 election didn’t prove it, the 2020 race certainly did. In fact, there are still too many candidates. What that accomplishes is putting too little focus on anyone and too much confusion over the entire party platform.

17. ‘Is the Progressive Christian Movement Wrong About Jesus?’

Why would a Progressive Christian church feel the need to explain why they focus on Christ? Isn’t Jesus Christ the point of Christianity? It turns out, all progressive Christians are not created equal.

18. ‘Two Pronoun Types You Use Without Realizing It’

One of the most common (and most annoying) grammar errors I encounter is the mistaken use of myself. People say that instead of I or me because they think it sounds more formal. It doesn’t. This post set out to explain the problem.

19. ‘Church Music Tech Equipment Ad Causes Ire on Facebook’

Resentment over the ever-growing movement to make contemporary churches feel more like rock concert venues reared its ugly head. An ad for something most church-goers wouldn’t even think about stirred a lot of frustration. And people accused the advertiser and its customers for missing the point.

20. ‘My Hometown Kmart Shuts Down for Good’

This one, from earlier this month, chronicles the end of a 53-year era as the Kmart where I had my first job closed its doors. It was eerie to walk through the store and see so much empty space.

That’s my list of 20 of the blog’s best posts of 2019. I hope you enjoyed them and I hope you’ll keep reading in 2020!

Patrick is a Christian with more than 29 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog.