National De-Lurking Week…A Little Late!

I’m the first to admit that I’m bad about leaving comments in other people’s journals. There are blogs that I read regularly, but mostly through Bloglines, so I’m not always at the actual blog itself.

There are a handful of blogs where I make it a point not to comment for one reason or another.

I’ve just learned that this week is “National De-Lurking Week,” according to Paper Napkin, and is designed to encourage those “lurkers” who read and never comment to say hello. So you’re officially invited to say hello and drop a link to your blog if you have one. If nothing else, it might help you pick up some new visitors from people who stop by here and read the comments.

Happy De-Lurking!


  1. Well, I comment fairly often — and now I’m commenting again.

    By the way, the accent in my link on your sidebar is all funky in Netscape. I’ve never been able to figure out exactly when and why that happens.


  2. So glad that you de-lurked at my place so I could drop by YOUR place. This is my first visit but I’ll definitely be coming by often if the quality of recent posts is any indicator. And, you’ll know it because I’m … well, in charity, let’s say that I’m chatty. 🙂

  3. I’ll admit, there are times I lurk, too.

    But real lurkers shouldn’t hesitate from commenting if they can relate with something in a journal- we don’t bite!

    I guess you and I should de-lurk ourselves a little more. You know where to find me 🙂


  4. de-lurking. nice site, sir – but i’m having problems with the righthand sidebar. blogger is funny that way – if it’s a huge problem for everyone, it’s probably your weather box – too wide, and makes the table settings force the second column down in the html.

    whew, that was geeky. re-lurking.

  5. My comments don’t seem to appear here because you never approve them, not because I’m not making any.


    Actually, I missed one of your comments — which has since been approved and posted after you left a second one asking if I really found the first one so offensive. The world’s an imperfect place: sometimes comment notification emails don’t get through. Don’t take it as more than it is.


  6. Hmm… I guess I could comment (again), but I’m not sure if I count as a lurker. My comments don’t seem to appear here because you never approve them, not because I’m not making any.

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