New Logo for ‘Patrick’s Place’ Makes its Debut

You may have noticed something slightly different about this blog on Friday: I did a ‘soft launch’ of a brand new logo for ‘Patrick’s Place.’

I debuted a new logo for this blog on Friday, thinking that November 1 might be a good date to start something new.

I introduced the old logo back in November of 2011. The fact that both made their debuts in November is pure coincidence. Really.

You may well not have noticed. I figured there are plenty of you who still wouldn’t have unless I made mention of it. When we visit sites over a long period of time, we tend to look at the content. Our eyes easily scroll past the masthead, where the logo sits, without much notice.

So I thought an official introduction might be in order.

If you’re a marketing or logo geek, you’ll probably enjoy the thought process that went into choosing this particular design.

Many years ago, when I introduced the last logo, which was essentially my initial, I chose orange as the dominant color.

Orange is still the dominant color.

The first question would be, “Why orange?” Well, I’ve always liked the color orange. From a marketing perspective, orange represents playfulness, warmth and energy.

A few close friends of mine who also happen to be graduates from the University of South Carolina are always quick to point out that orange is the primary color of our main rival, Clemson University.

Well, I liked the color orange before I knew what Clemson even was.

Tailor Brands says it’s a great color for brands “looking to elicit feelings of vitality and happiness.”

Just Creative says it not only stimulates hunger (which isn’t my intent here) but also enhances a sense of activity, increases mental activity, boosts the brain’s oxygen supply.

Well, I definitely want people thinking and I hope that some of the things I write are informative and make people rethink their own ideas. Maybe you come away with a different perspective. Maybe, once in a while, you have a new reason to believe what you already believe.

This time, the orange is in the shape of an orange. Well, I like oranges. It’s a popular fruit with lots of Vitamin C. It’s good for you, and I’d like to think that this site, once in a while, performs a good service.

But it’s an orange with a lot of color, too!

But there are a lot of colors there.

The new logo is an orange with multi-colored wedges and an arrow.

If those colors of the wedges of the orange strike you the same way they first struck me, you might have thought of the old board game “Trivial Pursuit.” If you think about it, it took knowing something about a variety of topics to win the game. You couldn’t choose only a single topic to do well.

That goes against blogging advice that says you should choose a narrow niche. But I knew from the start that the narrow niche approach wouldn’t do for me.

I respect bloggers who focus on a single topic and continue posting year after year. I’d have never been able to run 15 years on a single topic, even one I’m most passionate about.

Sooner or later, you just get bored with talking about the same thing over and over again. At least, I do.

So each color in the wedge represents one of the key topics of this blog.

Then there’s that arrow.

What I like to imagine the arrow means is that you sample a wedge or two and then move forward with some bit of information you needed.

Whether you’re a regular reader or a first-time reader, I hope you come here, get a piece of information that helps you in some way and off you go with new insight into something.

Maybe I’m overthinking it. Then again, logo geeks love overthinking things. Consider the Amazon logo with the little smile beneath the name. That smile actually doubles as an arrow that starts at the letter A and extends to the letter Z. The “hidden meaning” there is that Amazon sells everything from A to Z.

So, you see, overthinking a logo just happens.

Truth be told, I found this logo at a website called LogoGround. I was actually browsing there on a whim, just looking for some inspiration. Knowing I wanted a logo with colorful segments, one obvious choice was a peacock or parrot. But while I found a few options I liked, I couldn’t shake the feeling that they were a little too similar to NBC, though I didn’t “favorite” any that were close to the network logo.

I considered a variety of themes. Then I just browsed in general. That orange caught my eye. And it stuck.

The more I thought about it, the more notions about how it could work for this site popped in my head.

So now I have a logo that means something much more detailed — perhaps even more strategic — than a logo made up of my initial.

No, I don’t think the average viewer — or even the longtime reader, for that matter — will read all of that into a logo.

But it might just help me remember all of those notions a bit easier than what I had before. And that, to me, is still worth it.

So grab a slice of the big Orange and stick around a while!

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Patrick is a Christian with more than 29 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog.