New WordPress Plugin Designed to Help Comment Moderation


A new WordPress plugin may solve a blog comment moderation problem I didn’t realize bloggers had. But if you have that problem, it may help.

For many bloggers, comment moderation is something they’d love to struggle with. These days, fewer people actually leave comments. Therefore, many bloggers hardly ever receive comments they need to moderate.

For those who do, a handful might face a problem the rest of us haven’t had to consider.

That problem happens to be the question of who will moderate said comments.

With spam and vitriol on the rise, many bloggers put moderation in place so they could make sure neither reached their readers. There’s nothing wrong with that, by the way. As a site owner, you have every right to limit someone else’s ability to put their garbage on your front porch for the world to see.

Now imagine this scenario.

Suppose there’s a blog receiving so many comments that the blogger needs help in moderating them.

I know, it might be next to impossible to contemplate such a situation. But apparently, for some bloggers, it is a problem.

Until recently, if a blogger wanted to allow a friend or co-creator the ability to assist with comment moderation, that person had to receive a level of access that would also give them post-editing ability.

But WPBeginner just released a new WordPress plugin that changes that. The plugin, Comment Moderation Role, creates an additional access level. The new level allows someone to be assigned as a moderator without giving them the ability to edit existing posts.

If I were going to trust someone to moderate comments, I’d want to think I could trust them to edit posts (or at least fix typos). If I couldn’t trust them with one, I wouldn’t want to trust them with the other.

Still, it will be interesting to see how many bloggers download the plugin. I’m definitely curious to know how many bloggers there are who feel such a need!

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