Newest Yoast Update Fixes Calculation Errors


A while back I reported the popular SEO plugin Yoast was not working correctly.

Our long blogging nightmare appears to be over.

Back in December, I wrote about some errors and miscalculations the blogging SEO plugin Yoast was experiencing since its most recent update.

Some SEO experts accuse Yoast of being “too simplified” when it comes to the process of boosting Search Engine Optimization, which means making sure your blog appears as close to the top of search results as possible. But Yoast is popular among bloggers like me because it simplifies that process. For those of us more interested in producing quality content rather than keyword-stuffed articles that are hard to read and nearly impossible to tolerate, Yoast offered a sort of “report card” during the writing process to help bloggers make sure they were doing as much as possible to help their content be seen.

The report card gave you a “green light” if you completed one of the tasks associated with SEO. A “yellow light” meant you were part of the way to completing a task but not quite there, and a “red light” meant that task still needed to be considered.

But as I mentioned back in December, some tasks that were completed in the same way they had been prior to the update no longer displayed that little happy “green light.” It was as if Yoast wasn’t able to see what the blogger saw.

And when you’re relying on any plugin to help you improve your writing, that’s a problem.

As of the most recent update, which I just downloaded over the weekend, these issues no longer appear to be a problem. Everything is being computed as it should, which means I can go back to focusing on the content rather than arguing with a plugin.

If you haven’t tried Yoast for your blog, I highly recommend it.

How concerned are you with SEO when you craft a blog post? Which plugins do you use to help?

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