Next Bloggab (3/11): Open Mic & Happy Birthday!

Bloggab is a weekly Twitter chat about personal blogging. Join us each Tuesday night at 9pmET. You can always find transcripts of past editions here.

Believe it or not, one year ago this week, I launched the #Bloggab Twitter chat to give people another place to talk about personal blogging.

When I started contemplating the chat, I decided that it’d be a great idea if I had at least a dozen topics listed in advance: if I could come up with three months’ worth of topics, that’d give me time to come up with even more once the chat launched.

The growing community has been a great help in coming up with new ideas as well. And now, a year later, we’re still chatting and still growing.

The second Tuesday of the month is always our “Open Mic” night. That gives everyone the opportunity to network, talk about their blogs, ask questions of the group and start their own conversations. That community is always important when you’re trying to build an audience.

The third Tuesday of the month is always our “Critique Night.” That’s when we have three bloggers volunteer their blogs for a critique from the rest of the group. The only real rule is that the feedback be constructive. And the feedback about the feedback has always been positive, too.

If you’ve never been part of a Twitter chat, it’s simple: it requires a Twitter account, which should be obvious. You can then use sites like Nurph, Twubs, Tweetchat or Tweetdeck; they’ll ask you to log in to your Twitter account, then allow them to authorize their service to post for you. You’ll then enter the name of the chat, in this case, “Bloggab”, and the services will filter in all tweets that contain that hashtag. And you can type your message and the services will automatically add the hashtag for you, so there’s one less thing for you to worry about!

I hope you’ll join us this Tuesday at 9pm ET!

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