Next Bloggab (9/17): Critique Night V

#Bloggab is a weekly Twitter chat about personal blogging. Join us each Tuesday night at 9pmET. You can always find transcripts of past editions here.

The third Tuesday of the month is our regular Critique Night at Bloggab. It’s an evening where we offer constructive feedback to two or three blogs over the course of the hour. Each blog gets about 15-20 minutes during which participants can offer helpful advice to the blogger and talk about their first impressions when they visit a site.

Because first impressions matter a great deal when it comes to deciding whether we’ll stick around to read more or even return at all.

As I’ve said before, it’s easy to view our own blog as our “child”, which means it’s often too easy to overlook the imperfections that could be turning visitors away before they ever have the chance to sample what we’re offering.

This week, we have three great blogs written by three great writers who’ve been brave enough to offer up their “children” for our discussion. So please drop by these blogs and make some notes about what you like and anything you’d like to see but don’t.

by @desgettier
“Desgettier is a space for light discussion on the strategies behind iconic or luxury brands. Also, some notes about the curated lifestyle, the little things that make up a beautiful life.” Its writer, Quinn, is an fan of clever and ingenious design, which leads her to respect and admire the geniuses behind the brands she loves and enjoy peeking inside those minds for their marketing strategies.

Marc Ensign
by @MarcEnsign
“Not another SEO blog!”
Marc went from performing on Broadway to speaking, writing and consulting on search engine optimization, social networking and increased website conversion. His takes on what’s right and wrong with blogging and website marketing are sometimes irreverent but always entertaining.

Self Stairway
by @selfstairway
“Self-Improvement through Self-Reflection”
Vincent is author of “Self Stairway”, a fast growing personal development blog he started in late January 2013. He’s also a full-time college student, freelancer, connector, and an intern for 3 different companies. (And, according to his Twitter profile, he’s working on a book, too!) Talk about a full plate!

Even if your blog isn’t among those being critiqued, it’s worth watching the suggestions because there’s a lot to be learned: there are suggestions that might work for your blog, too. It has certainly happened for me!

I hope you’ll join us on Twitter at 9pmET.

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