Noting a Belated Seventh

Earlier this month, this blog’s 7th anniversary went by quietly. I remembered, back in November, that it was coming up. As recently as the middle of January, I recalled that the first post here had gone up on February 7th, 2004.

So I had every intention of noting the date on the date.

But then I just got tied up, not with ropes, but with other priorities that just knocked the date right back out of my head.

It’s a good thing I’m not married to this blog, or she’d be highly ticked off.

The traditional gifts for a seventh anniversary involve copper and wool. More modern materials include brass and desk sets.

No one in Charleston, South Carolina, seriously wants wool for the majority of the year. The best time to wear anything made of wool would have been, ironically, the time of the anniversary, when we had a major cold snap. Last week, we were up around the 70s.

Copper and brass are interesting ideas, but I don’t really need more stuff, and most suggestions for either involve some sort of sculpture. I think I’ll pass.

The last of them, the desk set, is the most interesting idea. Why would a desk set be a good anniversary present? Who came up with that? Was there a husband or wife of a workaholic who felt that a nice desk set might just be enough to keep their spouse at work even more each day?

Maybe that’s the start of this “seven-year itch” we keep hearing about.

As for my desk, it’s pretty full and cluttered right now as it is. Adding to that is the last thing I need.

An eighth anniversary is considered special in Chinese culture because the number’s name sounds similar to the word for prosper or wealth. So maybe I’ll look forward to next February, and hope that someone will hand me a million bucks.


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