Plugin Helps You Find Blog Post Attachments


I don’t recommend WordPress plugins all that often, but if you use any type of blog post attachments, this is one to consider.

I continue to work on a behind-the-scenes project here at this blog. Since I unveiled my new logo six months ago, I’ve been quietly replacing the images on this blog to change out the logo. There were some images in my library that didn’t really impress me. But I could I find out how many posts included a particular image? I found the solution in a WordPress plugin that helps you locate blog post attachments.

You know, they say there’s practically a plugin available for just about anything you want to do. For those problems that do not yet have a plugin, developers are creating new plugins every day.

But Sergey Biryukov’s Find Posts Using Attachment plugin solved the problem I have. Once you install it and activated it, whenever you browse an image in your image library, you’ll see a list of the posts in which that image appears.

It doesn’t have to be an image. You can also see where you’ve used any kind of file you upload into your media library.

So if you upload a video that you use on a few posts, then decide to produce a new video, you can go back and see how many times you’ve used that video.

If you upload a PDF that you discover has an error, you can find out how many times you embarrassed yourself by including it inside a post.

It can solve more than one problem.

In my case, I’m merely replacing existing images without having to go into each post and remove the image, upload a new one and then add it to the old posts. But if there’s an image I decide I’d prefer to just delete, the plugin allows me to confirm that I haven’t used that image before.

Here’s another reason you might consider this plugin. Suppose there’s a file — photo, video, PDF, etc. — you want to want to remove from your posts, but that you don’t want to delete from your media library. This plugin can help there, too. Just find the image in your media library and see which posts it appears in. Then you can click the link to edit each post and remove it.

Your readers wouldn’t know you’ve removed it, but you’re guaranteed to see every instance in which it appeared.

I found one last problem this post can solve. Let’s say there’s an image you really like. You worry that you may have overused it. Visit that image in your media library and check the list. If you see you’ve used that image in, say, 20 different posts, you may have overused it. But you can then pick a few of those posts and edit them individually. You can then change out some of those instances of your favorite image with an alternate.

I’m glad I found this plugin and I think it could help you if any of these scenarios sound familiar.

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