Promote Your Blog By Blogging in Soundbites

Blogging in soundbites can help you make your points easier and promote your blog on social media. Here’s how it can work.

If you work in the media, you are familiar with the sound bite. Even if you don’t, you’ve probably heard the term.

A sound bite, which we write in the media industry (and I’ll write hereafter) as a single word, is a concise message that makes a point or grab’s the listener’s attention effectively.

The news media is often criticized for relying too much on soundbites. But a shorter, ten-second soundbite that delivers an effective message is almost always preferable to a long, drawn-out, meandering clip of speech that may drag on for forty-five seconds or more.

In our over-communicated, mobile-driven world, our attention spans just aren’t what they used to be.

Over at Social Triggers, Derek Halpern wrote an article called “How ‘Sound Bites’ Score You Web Traffic”.

He not only explains the art of crafting a soundbite, but also points out how it can bring you traffic. Please be sure to check out his post!

When I write what I feel is a soundbite, I’ll usually use a heading command — the text is inclosed between <h4> and </h4> — to turn that text into what looks like a mini-headline:

So the soundbite looks like this.

It catches the eye’s attention so it’ll hopefully leave a mental impression after it’s read.

Consider this post from a couple of weeks ago, in which I explained why I chose Common Sense as the theme for this blog. There are two lines in that post that appear in this manner. Here’s one:

Common sense requires us to stop talking sometimes and listen more.

Halpern suggests that your readers will not only remember but will talk about a good soundbite. And that buzz can bring your blog more traffic.

While that’s true, there’s another way to use soundbites to promote your blog and encourage that buzz: you can promote your posts in social media with the bites themselves rather than the title of the posts.

I know, I know…this probably goes against some SEO rule out there. After all, you’ve crafted an SEO-friendly blog title with the appropriate keyword so as to help people find your post more easily. Why would you want to then dump that “perfect” headline in favor of a clever, pithy sentence instead?

I’m not saying, just for the record, that you should dump the headline every time. But once in a while, as you promote your post, instead of the headline, use the soundbite.

For my post about the death of Nelson Mandela, for example, I could promote it using a soundbite from that post:

Adding the Mandela hashtag certainly helps people who are looking for that name find your post. But the soundbite is somewhat intriguing, and may make people click just to see what your take might be.

Your Turn:

Do you use this kind of device in your blog posts? Have you ever tried promoting your blog posts with soundbites rather than headlines? Is it something you think might work for your writing style?

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