Really, What’s the Point?


I just had a quick look through the list of comments that my spam software had correctly flagged as spam.

The majority of them have one critical thing in common: no matter what kind of name, or what kind of statement they make (or attempt to make), there’s a link for some commercial site.

The reason for this is obvious: the spambots hope you’ll see who left a comment and click on their name so that you can visit their link.

But it’s the minority of these comments that always leave me scratching my head. I’m talking about the comments that have no link at all, either in the URL window or in the body of the comment itself. They often are collections of random phrases that make no coherent sense at all. And with no URL anywhere to be found, there’s no external site that benefits from it being left on someone else’s blog.

It doesn’t argue a point, it doesn’t insult anyone, it doesn’t promote something else.

It seems like a waste of time to have even left such foolishness somewhere, and I can only assume that someone developed a spambot to do so.

“Just because it’s there” is the best answer I can think of when it comes to the motivation for such action. But really, these people need a serious life.

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  1. My hunch is that the “random” spam comments are botched trackbacks. It’s just a guess I’d make based on similar comments I’ve seen.

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