Remember My Fill-in Week Plan for Backup Blog Posts?


Back in January, I came up with an idea to make sure I had a supply of backup blog posts just in case I hit a brick wall in content creation.

Let’s face it: the struggle of Blogger’s Block is real and backup blog posts can be a lifesaver.

Back in January, I decided to try a little experiment. I picked a random week and decided I’d try to fill that week with completed posts I could pull in a pinch. That way, if I ever ran into a situation where I needed to kill an intended post (or couldn’t finish one in time), there was a Plan B.

I always try to have a Plan B whenever possible.

Since some days — like Monday (Blogging), Tuesday (Grammar) and Friday (Faith) — generally have a specific theme, I tried to place posts about those topics on those days and then placed a couple of random posts that Wednesday and Thursday.

I chose the week that included May 5, since 5/5 is easy to remember. I made that week my “fill-in week.”

We all need a day off when it comes to the daily grind. That’s true for bloggers, too, although some of us seem to have a hard time admitting it.

You can certainly compose useful content that is timeless enough that it doesn’t have to be posted within a certain timeframe. We call that “evergreen content.”

When I look at my blog’s analytics, I find that it’s almost always evergreen content that scores the highest in terms of page views month after month.

There’s value there.

The so-called viral posts can do well in the short term, of course. But it’s the evergreen content — things that you can publish today, next week, next month or even next year — that can outperform them in the long term.

So how did the experiment go?

I made it through January without needing one of those posts. That in itself was something of a victory in my book.

Otherwise, I ended up using all five of the posts that I’d stored this week between February and the week of May 4.

I don’t consider that a bad thing at all. In fact, when I created the week of backup blog posts, that was the whole point: If I needed them, they’d be here waiting.

I’m going to work on a second fill-in week. In keeping with the 5/5 strategy, I’m going to start building a five-day supply of back-up blog posts that I’ll store in the week that contains 10/10.

Again, it’s easy to remember.

Have you ever tried scheduling a week’s worth of backup posts? How did it work for you?

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