Should You Include Your Blog on Your Resume?


Recently, someone asked me whether I thought it was a good idea to list your blog on your resume. There’s no one answer here.

To be honest, I’ve never really given much thought to whether you should place your blog on your resume.

I never listed my blog on my resume. Though what I do now directly involves writing web content and managing it, I think my blog is different.

Granted, I try my best to follow some basic journalistic rules when I post here. I try to be fair. I make every attempt to verify facts. When using details from other sources, I make sure I cite them.

But despite those efforts, I can’t truly compare this blog to the kind of broadcast journalism news site I might manage.

A funny thing happened the last time I sent out a resume.

It was a few years back and I applied for a job that interested me. It went fairly well. The hiring manager told me it came down to me and one other applicant.

They went with the other one. C’est la vie.

But before I went to meet with them in person, I received an email I later learned that I wasn’t supposed to see. One of the hiring managers forwarded a copy of my resume she received and wrote that she’d seen my blog. She then went on to complement it in the email.

I had not put this URL on the resume.

But she used that pesky little thing called Google. You’ve heard of that, right? In this day and age, employers regularly Google their potential hires.

When she did, she stumbled upon this site.

When I met with her in person, she apologized for the email. I told her she had nothing to apologize for. She then said it was better than many corporate blogs she’d seen.

That might have been sheer kindness and generosity. But I wasn’t going to argue, of course.

In my case, since I was applying for a position that had to do with writing for the web and web content management, the blog didn’t hurt me.

But I know there are some employers — and let’s face it, plenty in the real world — who look down on blogs.

I was more focused on providing samples of my writing that were actually in my field. I wanted to give them “real world” examples of my work. That, apparently, impressed them as well, because I’d already been contacted by the hiring manager before her associate forwarded the email.

Still, I felt flattered to know this little enterprise impressed them.

It’s one thing if potential employers find your blog when they research you.

It’s a different thing to include your blog on your resume.

Should you list your blog’s URL when you create your resume?

The best answer is a conditional yes. That means a “Yes, but…” or a “No, unless….”

Karen Kelsky, founder and president at The Professor Is In, says you should include your blog if it meets certain standards.

The Prepary lists at least four reasons you should and more that you shouldn’t.

The easy answer, of course, is that you should include your blog on your resume if you’re applying for a job that involves blogging. Or if you’re applying for a job for which your blog reinforces you as an expert in that field.

Short of that, it’s better to focus on other things that might establish your authority in the field.

Have you ever included your blog URL on your resume?

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Patrick is a Christian with more than 29 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog.