The Top 10 Cities My Blog Readers Most Often Come From

Two of the top 10 cities my blog readers are most likely to come from aren’t in the United States.

A few weeks back, I listed the states that are home to the majority of my blog visitors. This time, I’m listing the top 10 cities my readers come from most often since January 1 of this year.

That’s based on Google Analytics from the last year.

I’m not much of a world traveler, unfortunately, but if I were, I’d certainly want to visit a pair of international cities that made the list.

1. New York

There’s no real surprise here since New York is the nation’s largest city, but it’s the second largest city by population to have made my list. I’ve never been to the Big Apple, but I definitely plan to get there someday. Part of me wants to see the new World Trade Center and the memorial to the terror attack victims. I’d also want to visit some of the broadcast facilities there and a few other notable locations like the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings.

2. Los Angeles

I have been to Los Angeles during a trip to CBS years ago. I didn’t do a great deal of sightseeing outside of the area of Hollywood where we stayed, but despite all I read about smog, it wasn’t nearly as hazy as I’d expected. We walked down Rodeo Drive and did a little dreaming, but I still couldn’t afford a shopping spree there.

3. Chicago

I visited Chicago on a business trip in about 1997. I was surprised at how clean the downtown area was and surprised to see that people there actually do speak and nod to strangers on the street.

4. London

I’ve never been “across the pond,” but London is definitely on my wishlist! There’s so much history in London that I’d probably need at least a month there to explore all of the spots I’d want to see. London, incidentally, is the largest city by population to make my list.

5. Washington

Washington, D.C., is a place I’ve visited twice, I believe. I passed by the front of the White House and was amazed at how small it looked. But having only seen state capitol buildings, I was quite impressed with how large the U.S. Capitol looked.

6. Houston

Other than a layover, I’ve never visited Houston, but I’d like to. I’d certainly want to visit Space Center Houston and the Houston Zoo!

7. Dallas

Just like Houston, Dallas is a place I’ve never visited though I’m sure there was at least one flight layover at the Dallas airport. A friend of mine is headed there soon and I mentioned the Sixth Floor Museum at the Texas Schoolbook Depository from which Lee Harvey Oswald fired on President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963.

8. Atlanta

I’ve been to Atlanta several times over the years. I don’t dislike the city or its people, but its traffic leaves a lot to be desired.

9. San Francisco

I visited the San Francisco several times over the past few years where a friend of mine helped form a church. Among the sites I visited were Lombard Street, called one of the “most crooked streets” in the world because of a steep incline; Fisherman’s Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge. No matter how many photos you’ve seen of that bridge until you’re actually on it, you can’t truly appreciate how large those towers are.

10. Sydney

Sydney is the third-largest city, by population, to make the list. Australia is also a country I hope to visit someday and Sydney’s famous Opera House is definitely the first place I’d want to see in person.

I guess I need to make some travel plans in the coming years to visit some of the places on this list.

No matter where you’re reading this site from, even if your location didn’t make the top 10, I appreciate your time and hope you’ll be back!

Where do the majority of your site’s visitors come from? Have you ever checked?

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