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As bloggers, I think it’s important to consider from time to time the various reasons people read blogs. Multiple lists have a few in common.

If you had to make a list of why people read blogs, how many options could you come up with? When you do an internet search for that topic, you find multiple lists. I found several instances of lists with nine reasons and lists with just three and four options. One of the lists of nine really consisted of four main reasons with sub-causes that brought the total to nine.

Blogging gurus insist that list posts — “listicles,” they call them, combining lists and articles into one word — perform well. So everyone tries to do list posts whenever they can.

The website Doz has a good list of nine reasons. Marketing Insider Group has that list of nine with the three main categories. Coach Debbie Runs managed to come up with eight reasons she’d want to read your blog.

At least one of those lists, and several others I didn’t include above, mention research from Hubspot that identified just three reasons.

So those are the reasons I thought I’d go with.

The top 3 reasons people read blogs

The Hubspot research is dated 2021, so it’s certainly recent enough to be considered valid now. The first two, I think are the main ones all bloggers should take note of.

1. To learn something new

When you think about it, this should be the obvious one. As a blogger, you’re presumed to be an expert on something. If nothing else, you stand as an expert on your own story. Your perspective, even if it’s similar to someone else’s, is still unique.

You can pass on information that others don’t have. Bloggers do not have to have a corner of the market on information. You don’t have to know something that no one else knows. There are plenty of doctors who know everything they’d read on a medical blog. There are plenty of bankers who know everything they’d see on a personal finance blog.

But that doesn’t mean everyone out there knows all of that information. That’s why Google and other search engines get so many hits every day. People are always looking for information they didn’t already know.

There is information you can provide that others may not. Or, there’s information you can present in a manner that other people aren’t. Either can contribute to someone learning something new.

2. To be entertained

I try to be entertaining even when I’m being informative. Sometimes, I think I succeed at both. At least I’d like to be able to believe that. Sometimes, you can be entertaining in telling a story that doesn’t really teach anyone anything. But it still entertains in the way in which the story is told.

The late Jeanne Robertson, a humorist who passed away last year, was great at telling entertaining stories that were safe for the whole family.

Plenty of us wish we could become that level of a raconteur.

3. To learn about trends related to their job or industry

Here in particular is where you could say niche blogging plays an important role. Some of us, however, can’t narrow ourselves to one single topic of focus. At this blog, since I knew I’d grow bored with just one topic, I decided to focus on several. (You can find them across the navigation bar below the logo.)

I try to be as timely as reasonably possible with the topics I focus on. But since I don’t intend this blog to be an “industry news” type blog, this one is the least likely to apply to me.

If you click the links above that show more reasons, you can get more granular about why people read blogs. There are plenty of reasons.

I hope you ask yourself, from time to time, why you would read your own blog. Hopefully, you can find reasons there that motivate you to keep writing!

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