Tonight’s Bloggab (8/25): A Game of 20 Questions

Tonight’s #Bloggab is going to be a game of 20 questions. Twenty questions about blogging, of course.

The majority of the questions I’m asking tonight don’t necessarily have one correct answer; in fact, the answers will depend entirely on your idea of what blogging is, your style of blogging and how you actually publish.

What I hope to do is to inspire some thought about your process and whether there might be areas of your process that you can improve, even slightly, to make your blogging plan flow a little more smoothly.

Most of the questions, also, will be ones you can probably answer right off the top of your head. But one of them may take a little longer to answer.

I’m going to give you that question right now, so you have time to find the answer.

It may be the first question, it may be somewhere in the middle. But at some point, I’m going to ask this:

Based on your blog’s stats, what are the three most popular posts you’ve written this year?

I hope, even if you don’t know the answer to that question off the top of your head, you know how to find that information quickly, because it’s important to be able to check your stats and see what’s working and what isn’t.

What works for you, of course, may not work for anyone else in your niche. If it works, it works! But if you feel that you’re not getting the most from your blog, maybe a question or two in tonight’s lineup might inspire some ideas for improvements.

Remember: Bloggab is now on Monday nights. We moved from our old Tuesday night slot effective last week. Why? Because I was hearing from several people that there were too many chats on Tuesdays and that Monday might be a better option. So if you possibly can, please make sure you’re with us Monday (8/18) at 9pm eastern time.

If you’ve never been part of a Twitter chat, it’s simple: it requires a Twitter account, which should be obvious. You can then use sites like Nurph, Twubs, Tweetchat or Tweetdeck; they’ll ask you to log in to your Twitter account, then allow them to authorize their service to post for you. You’ll then enter the name of the chat, in this case, “Bloggab”, and the services will filter in all tweets that contain that hashtag. And you can type your message and the services will automatically add the hashtag for you, so there’s one less thing for you to worry about!


  1. patricksplace NVM, it works and your question made me realize I need better analytics for tumblr. They only keep track of weekly stats.

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