My Top 10 Blogging Posts of 2013

All this week, I’m highlighting the year’s top posts in my key categories here at Patrick’s Place. Today, we’re looking at my Top 10 Blogging Posts of 2013.

The blogging category seems to have gotten more attention this year, but even so, I don’t consider myself a blogging “expert.” I tell people what works for me, what doesn’t work for me, and why I think either is the case.

I don’t believe in absolutes when it comes to the “rules” of blogging. I think that in every case, you have to do what works for you, your blog, and most importantly, your audience.

That said, let’s have a look at my top 10 Blogging-related posts of 2013 according to stats.

1. “10 Things Every Blog Should Have: My Thoughts”

This post was my take on a #TXBloggers (now #BlogElevated) chat in which ts moderator, Lisa Stauber, gave a list of 20 things every blog should have. The response was so good that it had to be split up into two weeks.

2. “10 More Things Every Blog Should Have: My Thoughts”

This is the second half of the list.

3. “Blogger vs WordPress: Why I Made the Switch”

Moving a blog from Blogger’s platform to self-hosted WordPress seems like a huge undertaking. It’s not nearly as complicated or earth-shattering as it appears.

4. “A Great Way to Handle Comment Trolls”

Here at Patrick’s Place, I use Livefyre for commenting. It — along with other services — offer a function that’s a great way to make sure no one feeds your blog’s trolls!

5. “Should Bloggers Respond to Comments?”

It sounds like a silly question, considering the fact that so may bloggers want to build community. Some bloggers, however, just let the comments flow and rarely interact.

6. “What Makes an Appealing Blog Design?”

Yes, the concept of an appealing blog design is a very subjective thing. But here are some ideas that seem to be a reasonable start.

7. “A Different Perspective on Blogging Goals”

What most pieces of advice on setting blogging goals seem to have in common is that they focus on what the blogger should be doing. If you change that point of view, you might find better results.

8. “Must of Should? Dissecting 3 More Blogging Rules”

Whenever I hear someone tell a blogger that they must do this or that, I’m immediately suspicious. In this post, I took three such pieces of advice and discussed how “required” each actually is.

9. “4 Reasons I Haven’t Started Vlogging…Yet”

Vlogging was a goal for 2013. I didn’t meet this goal, but I have a few good reasons.

10. “How to Plan Your Blog Without a Plan”

This post was written in response to a talk by journalist and blogger Wade Kwon, who built a successful site, Magic City Post, without a real plan. Here’s how he did it, and why, sometimes, starting without a plan may work quite well.

Your Turn:

What blogging topics did you most want to read about this year? What blogging questions would you love to have answered?

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