Trump Blog Shut Down After Less Than a Month

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The Trump blog is no more. Former President Donald Trump shut down the blog he started in May, according to his aides.

The majority of new blogs fail. That’s not news news to most bloggers. But the Trump blog only lasted 29 days.

Five years ago, research indicated the average new blog failed within 100 days. The Trump blog didn’t last even a third of that.

The reason Trump ordered it deleted, according to multiple reports, is the lack of readers.

The Washington Post pointed out that on the blog’s last day, it received just 1,500 shares or comments on Facebook and Twitter. The Post called that a “staggering drop” compared to the kind of reaction Trump’s tweets used to receive.

An NBC News analysis claimed The Post put more hours into finding out what was more popular than From the Desk of Donald J. Trump than anyone at Mar-a-Lago ever did. It listed Petfinder and Delish as examples.

And then there was Wired, which wrote that “without the algorithmic boosts of Twitter and Facebook, there are few “active” internet users to be found.”

In my earlier piece, I pointed out that newbie bloggers have to be patient whenever they start a new project. It takes more time to build an audience than most bloggers are willing to wait through.

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump should serve as a perfect example of the importance of patience.

Believe me, I say this as a blogger with almost no patience at all.

Many of us find it difficult to pour ourselves into post after post and then see little to know reaction.

But think of it this way, newbie bloggers: if a former president couldn’t quickly establish an audience with a new blog, you certainly shouldn’t expect a fast following, either.

The question newbies have to ask themselves is a simple one. Do you have the patience to keep pushing through, keep writing, and keep publishing knowing you’ll almost certainly have no audience at first?

If you don’t, you should really rethink blogging.

But if you can stick to it, the audience, sooner or later, will come.

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  1. I’m quite relieved that it’s down, really, but of course, one has to drive traffic to one’s own web site, unlike any social media, which’ll automatically put it out there to all those who consider themselves fans.

    I won’t get into the insane length of such a URL, however. While isn’t very well developed, it’s very easily found: eight letters. All of his, especially typed on a cellphone’s browser, will take quite a lot of effort.

    Anything that stops his fear-mongering and racism is of a huge relief, and that’s perfectly fine that he has little to share and less ability to do so. I’m not one to think a president (or president-elect, former or hoping) should do his own posting. In a position of that kind, have the sense to hire someone who can keep you out of the weeds and will have enough sense to give the masses the impression that you are a really excellent person for the job. Left to his own devices, the lying and gross incompetence, there is a lot to be said for that.

    I hate to think that while I never liked (in any manner) the last president, I did prefer the concept of someone who hadn’t been a politician prior. Now, I will never believe that again. Never.

    Professionalism is requirement for the office of President—and he had not an iota.

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