Trying to Figure Out the Best Time to Publish? Good Luck!


I read an interesting article about the best time to publish a blog post, but the one thing I’m sure about is that it won’t work for everyone.

If you’ve ever asked if there is a best time to publish a blog post, you are not alone.

We bloggers seem to always be looking for magic numbers and days. Everyone has their own theory on how many days a week you should publish.

Once we decide on that, we want to know which days are the best.

Then we ask how long long posts should be on the days we do publish.

The answers to all are the same. I do hope, at least on some level, that should be obvious. More on that in a moment.

In the meantime, since every blog, every blogger and every reader is different, the best we can do is look for overall trends.

Blog Tyrant recently published such guidance. After the site analyzed research, it came up with the best day of the week and the best time of day to publish. Click that link to see what they suggest.

The research looked at which posts received the most page views.

While I don’t doubt their research, I do question how a reader happens to know a new post was published.

Let’s say research were to suggest that Thursday at 10 a.m. is the best time to post. (That’s not the time Blog Tyrant suggested, just so you know.) So you post a well-written, useful post at that time on that day. How do your readers know you have something ready for them at that time?

You can post links to your new post on social media, of course. But if that’s what they’re talking about, that would imply the post on the blog would have to go up before 10 a.m. so that you have time to post it on social.

Likewise, if the research suggests that Thursday at 10 a.m. is when most people are on a coffee break and have time for a blog jog, I’m going to want to make sure I post before 10 a.m. just in case some of those coffee breaks happen a bit early. If I wait until 10 a.m. and someone does their blog jog at 9:50 a.m., they’ll miss that post if they stop by my blog first.

One size does not fit all.

The real answer to questions like, “When is the best time to publish a blog post?” should be obvious. That answer depends on a variety of factors that will be different for every blogger:

  • What does your life schedule look like?
  • How many quality posts can you actually commit to?
  • When is your audience available to read your content?
  • Are there certain times of day at which your content is more relevant?
  • Are your readers notified in any way that a new post has been published?

Those are just a few pertinent questions to consider.

Last week, Tuesday was my biggest day. That didn’t surprise me since I post about grammar on Tuesdays and that remains my #1 topic. (You may wonder why I don’t blog only about grammar. If I did, you wouldn’t be reading this post, would you? I assume that if you’ve come this far, this topic must be of interest to you whether you care about grammar or not!

But the week before that, Friday edged out the other days of the week. On that day, I published a post about the Kmart store where I worked my first job closing. Honestly, it’s the kind of post that should be of limited interest to anyone other than me.

And in the Blog Tyrant research, Friday page views were so low that they didn’t even list it among the top days to post.

Research into the best time to publish a post is fine. It’s always interesting to see what works overall. You should put that information to the test. Then check your analytics to see if your site’s performance matches that data. (And just as importantly, look for unexpected surprises!)

But just don’t be surprised if you find that in this case, as with all other aspects of blogging, your mileage may vary.

That’s life. And it’s blogging, too.

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