An Update on Blog Comments

The topic of blog comments is always a popular, if disturbing, one among bloggers these days.

As bloggers, we try our best to encourage people to comment, we ask questions, we try to write posts that are compelling enough to hopefully prompt comments, and the whole while, we realize in the backs of our minds that the demands of people today all but prohibits the majority from even having the time to comment, even if they wanted to do so.

I’ve made my feelings clear on the subject of comments in the past few weeks, particularly in light of recent decisions by several bloggers to just completely shut them down altogether.

But then something funny happened: after a few months of trying to get a workable blog design up and running here at Patrick’s Place, during which I had to temporarily disable Livefyre, my preferred comments system, reactivating led to a new problem: the comments widget — which includes the window in which people will leave their remarks — refused to appear. I contacted the Livefyre tech support team, a very dedicated team, I must say, who was willing to go the extra mile and track the problem to a setting I would never had even thought to look for myself.

All of a sudden, the ability to comment was back.

Now there’s just one task that remains, and if you’ve commented here over the past few months and prior to the end of last week, you need to know this: your comments may or may not be displaying at the moment on those posts.

Your comment is still there, it’s just not able to display at the moment. That’s part two of a two part problem to get Livefyre fully up and running again, and I hope to have that last step worked out this week. Then all will be right with the commenting world again.

In any case, if you’d like to comment on this post or any other, please feel free to do so, and Livefyre should display it immediately and without any problem. If you’re still looking for your recent comments on recent posts, just bear with me and we’ll have them back as quickly as we can.

Thanks, as always, for your patience and for your comments, no matter how often or seldom you leave one — each one is always appreciated!


  1. MizMeliz BruceSallan Well the post in question was talking about the comments widget on my blog, not blog commenting in general. 🙂

  2. I am a huge fan of Livefyre. Their staff is fast and helpful. I’m glad to see them treating you as well as they have treated me, altho I am sorry you’re in a position to need their assistance. Hate it when my blog poops, so I feel your pain. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, lol! 🙂

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