What Does Blog Mean to You: Site or Post?


You’ll have to forgive a post about a little pet peeve of mine, but I’ve seen it for so long that it’s time to ask: What does blog mean to you?

I see it all the time, both from people who are new to blogging and those who’ve been at it for quite a while. If I were to do a poll asking what does blog mean, I’m sure I’d get a pretty decent mix of responses.

To some, blog means the entire site on which they write their opinions, news, reviews and other content.

To others, blog means an individual post that might have any or all of that content on a site.

I’ll hear people say, for example, “I just wrote a blog about fast food.”

My first thought is, Wow! They just composed an entire site on the subject of fast food! I need to check that out.

What they mean, of course, is that they’ve just written a blog post on the subject. Their blog — the overall site — might be about food in general, or healthy living, or it might even be a potpourri site like mine.

A novelist wouldn’t walk out of his office at the end of a particularly productive day and tell his loved ones that he’d finished a book when he really only completed the next full chapter of the book that is his current ongoing project.

So I’m not sure why we have this curious double meaning for the word blog.

I’m also not completely sure why I find the word that should refer to an entire site of posts used in a manner that means only one of those posts. But it does make me wonder what people who use blog to mean an individual post call their site. 

Are they both “blogs”? 

What does blog mean to you: a post, the site of posts, or both?

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  1. My blogs, if they were on my site, would be the many posts that make up one page – however long that page would be – of my site. It would not be the whole site, since I have various pages on my site (or did – I’m abysmally behind).

    A site is the whole kit and caboodle, as is yours. Although you have your blog neatly on its own page, I would set mine up as it was on blogger more likely.

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