Where and When Bloggers Blog: How It’s Changed in 3 Years

A survey set out to determine where and when bloggers blog and compared the newest results from 2016 to similar results for 2014 and 2015.

If you were to ask me to guess when bloggers blog most often, I would say early in the morning.

If you were to ask me to guess where bloggers blog most often, I would say at home.

For me, it’s definitely at home, but a rather even mix of morning and night. recently posted results of an Orbit Media Studios survey that asks those two questions and compared the answers from 2014 and 2015.

It turns out that I’m like “most” bloggers on the where part. Not so much on the when part.

Most bloggers in 2016 write their blog posts during normal business hours. During normal business hours, I’m at my real job, which, at this point, is not this blog. Maybe some day, but that seems quite a long, long way off…if ever. This finding suggests to me that many bloggers out there either blog professionally (whether for themselves or their employer) or make a true income from their blog and therefore consider it their business.

The most amazing thing about the “business hours” respondents is the number of them: reports a whopping 64% of bloggers say that’s when they write. If that’s not an argument that many of these may be “professional bloggers,” I’m not sure what would be.

I guess I’m too good of an employee at the real job: the most I’ve ever done with respect to my blog is to shoot myself a quick email with a link to a story that might be blog-worthy when I’m back at home. Call me crazy, but I’d never think of actually taking the time to craft a post at the office.

The timing of my writing, as I said, is a mix of morning and evening. I tend to do more planning, writing and scheduling at night. Then I try to sleep on the idea and then use the morning to do more editing and finishing of posts. Since I try to stay ahead of schedule whenever I can, this gives me even more time to go back and revise and copyedit.

As to the where, about 90% of my blogging is done at home in my home-office. Other than that, the remaining 10% happens not in the stereotypical coffee shop but in a restaurant. I don’t often have time to compose a full blog post when I’m dining out, but I at least check feeds of blogs I follow and the various Google Alerts that I’ve set to come in to alert me to potential blog fodder and plan out what I might want to say about the topic if I were to compose a blog post.

To give you an idea, a recent faith-related post about the aftermath of a lawsuit over a giant cross in a public park came from a feed I’ve set on Feedly. Meanwhile, it was a Google Alert on blogging that led me to the post that prompted this post you’re reading now.

The survey’s results with respect to where blogging happens tend to reinforce my suspicion that the “during business hours” bloggers consider their blogs their full-time jobs: 79% of those surveyed said they blogged from home or in a home-office. However, 41% said they blog in an office outside their home, which is still a number higher than I’d expect.

There was also a comparison of results on guest posts as well. Click here for those results.

What works best for you: where and when do you do most of your blogging?

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