Which of the 4 Ps of Blogging is Your Strongest? recently listed the 4 Ps of blogging and went into detail on each one and why they’re all important to your site.

I always enjoy reading posts about the craft of blogging and key elements others believe are essential parts of the process. Just recently, I read a post over at about the 4 Ps of Blogging.

Click to link to see what the four are and read wrier Ryan Biddulph’s take on each.

For me, of the four blogging elements that all begin with the letter P, the one I would consider my strongest is Persistence.

Maybe, in my case, it’s not so much persistence as it is just plain old stubbornness.

I recently celebrated this blog’s 14th anniversary, which means I’m currently in my 15th year of blogging.

After 14 years, I can tell you there are days when I wake up and can’t think of a thing I want to say.
There are days I stare at the blank post page in front of me and wish I could just go back to bed.
There are days when I wonder how much I’d miss blogging if I just said, “It’s over.”

My answer to that question, however, is enough to give me a push to either find something to say or pull in a standby post I’ve written (or at least started writing) to be used on just such a day.

I want to hit that 15th anniversary. And then I want to see what comes after that.

I’m persistent because I’m not willing to quit even when it feels like it’d be the less-stressful thing to do. I’m persistent because I’m determined to keep going, not only week after week, but every single day.

And part of what feeds that persistence is the occasional comment I receive from someone like you who has spent a little bit of their time here at my blog.

Some days, being persistent is a definite challenge. But one other days, particularly when someone drops by with a nice comment or just quietly reads what I’ve posted and I see their presence reflected in a quick check of my analytics, persistence suddenly becomes less of a challenge.

I thank you for that.

Which of Biddulph’s 4 Ps of Blogging would you say is your strongest and why?

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