Which Social Media Platforms Are Best to Grow Your Blog?

If you ask 10 different bloggers which their top three favorite social media platforms are, you’ll probably several different answers.

If you’re like most bloggers, you’re using social media to help increase the size of your audience.

But which social media platforms are the best choices? The answer, of course, depends on your audience.

According to the 2017 State of the Blogging Industry Report released by, there are clear winners in that race.

For my blog, the majority of my traffic from social media comes from Facebook, and by a long shot. Over the past two years, Facebook has brought in 62% of social media traffic, according to Google Analytics. For me, Twitter is in second place, bringing in another 21%.

I’ve heard of other bloggers saying Twitter is their number one social referrer. There are some bloggers who swear by Pinterest, claiming it brings them, by far, the most visitors.

The social media the pro-bloggers use

The leading social media platform used by both “professional” and “not-yet-professional” bloggers is Facebook, according to the report, which was produced by compiling surveys of hundreds of bloggers.

The survey found Facebook to be the first choice of 92% of pros and 86% of not-yet-pros. Twitter was second, at 83% and 77%, respectively.

But then it found this:

Pinterest and Instagram are in a clear second tier of popularity. 48% of both pros and not-yet-pros use Pinterest to promote their blog posts; 44% of pros and 47% of not-yet-pros use Instagram.

Those stats, the report points out, mirrors the relative populations of each platform.

But it may mean that Pinterest and Instagram may be new places to explore if you’re thinking about expanding your social media outreach efforts. I don’t know that I’d recommend anyone move away from Facebook or Twitter; but if you’re looking to expand beyond those, the next two most popular choices may be good places to find new readers that might not see you among the bigger swarm on the bigger platforms.

The report also found that professional bloggers share each post an average of eight times on social media, where non-pro bloggers share closer to six times. recommended a pattern of sharing posts on the day they’re published, the day after, and one week later. Co-Schedule, a product I’m trying, takes it one step further, offering the option of sharing a post exactly one month later as well, along with any custom dates you choose.

In this day and age, there’s little reason to worry about multiple shares. Unless someone goes to your actual feed and sees only the same posts over and over again, which could look bad, when a post actually goes out, you have to assume that only a fraction of your page or profile’s audience will actually see it. Long gone are the days where you see everything from all of your friends as soon as you log in.

Multiple shares — especially on Facebook and Twitter — mean a greater number of your audience will see your message.

Kissmetrics offers some good points on how to do multiple shares without becoming a spammer. Check out their advice here.

What are you two best social media platforms in terms of bringing people to your blog? And how many times do you share a post?

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