Why Are WordPress Post Previews Not Working?

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I noticed recently that post previews no longer show up when I’m writing a new post. Instead of the post, I get a 404/Page Not Found error.

When I’m working on posts here at this little blog, I sometimes turn to post previews for a better look at how you’ll see them. One thing I like about the preview is that I use a larger typeface on the “front end” than WordPress uses in the edit window. By “front end,” I mean the site as you, the reader, sees it. The typeface in the post editor appears smaller for me.

Trust me: There’ll come a time when you’ll appreciate larger type. I do, even with bifocals!

Post previews also show you how special post effects like quotes and image placement might actually appear. I rely on them to make sure I’m not causing a formatting problem.

But in the past week or so, I noticed a new problem. Instead of the normal preview, I get a 404 error. A 404 error means that the browser is telling you it can’t find the page you asked for:

Technically, the browser is right. The page doesn’t — technically — exist, yet. But then that’s the whole point. That’s exactly why we call it a preview.

So I tried this highly annoying little trick

I saw an older article recommend a familiar trick: Clear your cache.

In television, there’s an old joke about broadcast engineers. The joke tells us that whenever you alert an engineer about a malfunctioning piece of equipment, the first question is usually, “Did you try turning it off and back on?”

In more than 30 years in TV, I’ve definitely heard that one many times.

Of course, that’s all engineers, not just TV engineers.

The web and IT manager equivalent of that suggestion is, “Try clearing your browser cache.”

Yes, clearing the cache can make a browser behave a bit better. But it’s annoying because it logs you out of everything.

In this case, it was even more annoying because it had no effect on the post previews problem.

I’m already waiting for WordPress to fix that hyperlink bug. Now, I’m also going to have to wait for a fix to the preview failure, too.

I’d still recommend WordPress to anyone looking for a blogging platform. In nearly 20 years of this blog, WordPress is by far the best platform I’ve seen. That’s even true with these two glitches.

I’m just hoping there won’t be a third to pop up anytime soon.

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