Why I Chose the Color Orange for My Blog Logo


When I wanted to add a blog logo for ‘Patrick’s Place,’ I knew one of the decisions I’d have to make was what color it should be.

It was November 3, 2011, when I received the new blog logo for Patrick’s Place. I wanted a blog logo because I thought it would help create a distinctive look that I could carry over onto social media, like the blog’s Facebook page. Since this is a multi-topic blog with a personal title, I thought the best kind of logo might be a “letter mark,” which uses a letter instead of an icon or symbol. With P being my initial and the initial of the alliterative title, it was the obvious choice.

But why orange?

Color can make a big difference. There’s an entire psychology behind the logos of well-known businesses. That’s because different colors communicate different qualities to the consumer.

Red, the color of logos like Target, Netflix and Coca-Cola, not only represents romance but increases heart rate and appetite and prompts a sense of urgency:

A red logo shows that your brand is powerful and high-energy. If your company is a restaurant, red is a wise choice. It’s been proven to increase appetite, which is ideal for a business that is trying to encourage food purchases. Its ability to increase heart rate is also good for brands trying to create urgency, like in clearance sales or for items that are typically impulse buys.

Then there’s blue, the color of logos for American Express, Ford, General Electric, Facebook and Twitter. It symbolizes peace, tranquility and trustworthiness. (In this day and age, I suppose social media companies in particular should be trying to reinforce a sense of trust!)

Think of logos that are primarily orange. I come up with logos for everything from Home Depot to Nickelodean, from Hardee’s to Fanta.

Even the smile device in the Amazon logo (which cleverly extends from the letter A to the letter Z, implying they sell “everything from A to Z”) is orange!

The psychology of the color orange implies “friendly and cheerful” though still serious and confident.

I hope this blog feels friendly and cheerful, even when I’m dealing with a relatively tough topic.

There was one other reason.

At about the same time I was having the logo designed, a friend of mine had moved into a new office and had painted an accent wall of that office a dark orange, almost a vermillion red. I asked why he chose that color and he said orange was a popular color, particularly at that time, and it was a dynamic color that caught the eye.

It definitely did.

That was sort of the last push I needed to choose orange.

The only real hesistation I had about orange was my alma mater. I graduated from the University of South Carolina, whose primary colors are garnet (a dark red) and black. USC’s chief rival is Clemson, whose main color is orange. So there was that momentary feeling that I might be about to betray my own college.

But I figured USC would understand. I don’t know how many on the campus are regular readers here, anyway.

That’s how I chose orange for my blog logo color.

If you had to choose a single primary color for your blog logo, which color would you choose and why?

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Patrick is a Christian with more than 30 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog.