WordCamp US Will Be Held Virtually This Year


WordCamp US announced plans to hold its annual camp virtually because of continued concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

I’ve never attended WordCamp US before, but I might make time this year to do so.

The event will be held online without a central meetup location this year. Organizers made that announcement at the end of April.

Back in March, various WordCamps planned in cities around the globe began announcing cancellations. That included WordCamps close enough to home that I had considered attending.

Over the years, I’ve attended WordCamp events in Atlanta and Charleston. I almost attended an event in Greenville. But I canceled at the last minute that year when I realized there were too few sessions of direct interest to me.

Individual events hosted at cities across the country give people like me the opportunities to network with fellow bloggers and hear new trends and tricks of blogging.

WordCamp US brings those people to one place. Last year’s was held at the America’s Center Convention Complex in St. Louis, Missouri. This year’s was also to be held in St. Louis until the April 30 announcement changed that.

What’s interesting is that this year’s event is free. I’m not sure whether that was the case with previous editions of WordCamp US. I have never seen a local city’s version of WordCamp offering free admission.

Organizers did not change the date, which is Oct. 27–29. They’re just now calling for speakers, which means they don’t have a schedule of sessions in place, yet.

They say they plan to announce ticket arrangements soon. If this event is like the city versions, the tickets will be available before the session schedules are announced.

Pandemic or not, this is something I hope they’ll do in the future, even after they resume in-person events. It would give those of us who can’t afford travel or can’t travel at certain times of the year because of work the opportunity to attend virtually.

It could foster a great deal more participation from the WordPress community as a whole.

Would you consider attending a virtual version of WordCamp US?

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