WordPress 5.9 Release Delayed Over ‘Red Flags’

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WordPress 5.9, the next version of the platform, should have been released in the coming weeks. That plan just changed.

Developers set mid-December as the time WordPress 5.9 would release. But Houston, we have some problems here.

The people behind the new release said they need to resolve some issues.

One of those developers, Addison Stavlo, who contributes to the platform’s Gutenberg editor, said this on GitHub:

“I think there are some large red flags here that some things are not ready for 5.9.”

In a post about the trouble, she then said something even more disturbing — and eye-opening:

“Overall, it seems like right now we are rushing things in a dangerous way.”

On the one hand, I find this a bit scary. She said too many features “are just not ready.” She said that explains what she described as “rushing to change so many things at the last minute.”

But on the other hand, I find the announcement about the delay all the more reassuring. WordPress developers did exactly what reputable developers should have done. By deciding to delay the release until adjustments could be made, they’re doing the right thing.

No one likes an update that causes more problems than it solves.

It erodes confidence in the platform. I know just enough about coding to be dangerous. But the little I’ve learned tells me how easily one tiny detail can cause lots of errors. If there are doubts about a release’s reliability, we are absolutely better off with what we have for now.

Perhaps some are really wanting some new feature proposed for WordPress 5.9.

I think they’ll live if they have to wait another month or so! I have learned over the years that it’s rarely wrong to pause, take a step back and then take a deeper look at a project to make it better!

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