Work-Life Balance Issues Can Affect Your Blog, Too!


For bloggers, when work-life balance begins to become unbalanced, your blog might start suffering right along with your contentment.

People love to talk about work-life balance, a figurative ratio between time spent working and time spent living life.

Finding that perfect balance is an extraordinary challenge for most of us. The cleverly-named website says not only is there no single formula that works for everyone, but people’s perfect balance can shift over time.

The challenge becomes not only figuring how to find that right mix but figuring out when it’s time for a redo.

For most of us, a work-life imbalance means we’re spending too much time in the work side of the ratio. After all, it’s likely only your employer who’ll raise a concern if you’re spending too much time on activities outside the office when you should be working. If you’re spending too much time on activities involving work on your time, many bosses won’t say a word. (And many will hope it keeps happening.)

A bad work-life balance can affect your blog, too!

I think it’s possible to have a balance between work and life, but have an imbalance within either of the two individually.

If you’re having issues with a coworker, that may not affect your work-life balance if you follow the sage advice of not taking the office home with you. But while you are in the office, you might find yourself miserable.

Likewise, if you’re having issues in your personal life, you might actually look forward to reporting for work because it means you’ll spend eight hours focused on something else.

But bloggers can easily find that having a problem between either (or both against each other) can drastically affect their blogs.

It may sweep us into Writer’s Block. It may make us lose some enthusiasm over our site or the topics we’d normally cover.

It may throw off our schedules enough that we can’t manage to get posts cranked out on time (or at all).

We bloggers, then, face an extra reason to achieve that balance: our blogs need content. Our readers deserve our best.

And when things are unbalanced, it’s almost impossible to deliver it.

I found a site with 20 steps — count ’em! 20! — to help you maintain a healthy balance. If you’re there, these steps can help you stay there. If you’re not, they might just help you get there.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give bloggers is to write ahead of schedule and try to have an extra evergreen post in the can ready to go in a crisis. We all know the phrase, “Life happens.”

Sometimes, it happens a lot more!

Having a stockpile of “rainy day” posts can help you prevent your blog (and your readers) from paying the price of an imbalanced life!

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