You Asked For It, You Got It!


Earlier this month, I started a survey about this blog because I wanted to get your take on what you like and dislike about what you find here at Patrick’s Place.

It’s far too early to publish detailed results, yet.  And to be honest, I’m hoping for more responses so I can get that much better of an idea of what readers are looking for when they come here (or to any blog, for that matter).

But one of the early trends I am seeing from the anonymous comments I’ve received so far concerns the RSS feed for this blog.  The complaint is centers on (but not around) the fact that I have been sending excerpts of posts to the RSS feed, to which many of my readers subscribe.  My logic there isn’t all that hard to figure out:  by sending an excerpt, I’m hoping readers will click through to the blog itself.

I am learning, however, that more and more readers simply aren’t willing to invest that time.

I posed the question in Sunday night’s #blogchat, and it was unanimous that full posts should be sent to RSS feeds, so that’s what I’m now doing, as of this week’s edition of the Sunday Seven.

One of the #blogchat participants admitted that he was more concerned about people stealing his text with a full feed than he would be with an excerpt, but that he felt the greater risk was worth the challenge.  Perhaps I should be more concerned, but I’m not:  I’m just as concerned as I was before.

But I guess I’m not more paranoid about that because I have successfully fought blatant plagiarism twice now: in one case, I had an entire website temporarily shut down until the owner responded to requests for removal of my content; in another, the mere threat of a DMCA Takedown was enough to have my content summarily removed from someone’s message board.

Maybe it should mean that I’ll have to look a little harder to make sure my posts aren’t being copied elsewhere without proper credit, or stolen altogether.  But I happen to think that this is worth my time.


  1. Another thing. I LOVE the addition of the twitter link for people who comment! Now I just need to figure out how to add that to my blog!

    1. Thanks, Collin: the Twitter component of the comments is a plugin called CommentLuv. It works quite well without making me do anything at all to the comments code.

  2. I think it’s a good decision. I’m one of those people that finds it very frustrating when a blogger only publishes excerpts in the RSS feed. Of course, I also wish I could comment on blog posts without leaving Google Reader, but we all know that will never happen!

  3. Thanks for making the change Patrick. The biggest benefit is that I can stay in my feed reader program to catch up on my blogs and then come to the site when I want to comment.

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